Fastlane & Soundmanufacture teamed up to design a Max for Live Device (M4L) which enables you to have a faster access to individual features & cusj U o 2 e (tomize Push 1 or 2 inside Ableton Live for your needs.

Push HaL – 2cker tL x w | ^ R Qurns your Push 1 or 2 session and nol * U } 7 K ute modesb W C O J ` / z \ into HYBRID MODES ‘SeY m L x `ssion/User mode’ or ‘Note/User mo$ X .de’

Itt 1 K 5 S . \ enables you to manually re-` # H V Q C m s nassign any of Push’s features (buttons/rotarO 0 E K K 3ies/pitch bend/matrix padse _ M , G , y |) to any parameters in Live (audio efft } @ 8 p Pects/MIDI effects/Clips/ Clips slots/Mixer/Solo buttons etc.…) whilst in ‘Note Mode’ or ‘Session Mode’

Push Hacker has been designed to address one oB I ff the most fundamental principle of live performance ‘You should avoid having to switch modes onv W f { | * c your controc J F 3 F ] # x dl5 % ! & n Oler’s whilst playing live to get the spontaneous feel you’d get from an acoustic instrument’

features of Push Hacki Z B F g Yer

  • toggle mode
  • momentary modn K 4 7 6 x v P @e
  • move clip grid
  • start / record selected clips

Minimum System Requirements: Ableton Live 1q } N A c #0.1.4 Suite / Max4Live 8.1