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Cycling ‘74 has released version 8 of Max and the company is calling it “the closest thing to a min~ ` v L `d-expanding drug Max has ev; , x cer had”.

The visual programming language has taken on a raft of new improvements in the latest iteration, most no, ) A R p n o otably the intrU K ] boduction of the new MC. objects.

MC/ Z 2 T ! l, we’re presuming, stQ X y $ands for multi-channel and Cys ^ . , – q X A Ncling ‘74 is sure it will “transW B yform how you imagine sound design”. It] K ) r Z x $ p Z makes patD T f Rches with 100 channels of audio look as simple as those with a single channel.

It seems MC will give you the ability to manipulate multiple audiob ` ` g channels and operations with fewer objects.

Much of the development inO { _ version 8 has been focussing on performance. Cycling ’74 now claim that Max will launch 20 times faster on Windows than before and load patches up to four times as quick. PerfU u 0 J . H y Yormance as a whole is improved, with complex UI operations being1 O ^ ) w 8 ? ! 5 significantly more responsive.

Another big update is the ability to control your patches with hardware, without the need to patch. In the new Mappings Mode, you can assign physical contro_ j 9 & 3 cls to your patch in just three st; k F E 2 g ~ ( /eps; simply enter Mappin8 s 1 qgs Mode, select a slider and then move your controller – done.

Other imprd ^ 7 \ @ , Rovements include a new Search Sidebar which allows you access to thousands of Max examples and tutorials that ship with Max, along with resuc \ g a ! M 9 *lts from web forums and in-depth articles.

Summary of what’s New in Max 8:

  • Tap into sonic complexity with MC.
  • N_ – 6oticeably improved performance.
  • Simplified MIDI and keyboard control with Mappings.
  • Vizzie 2, complW W %etely rebuilt withh K . : OpenGL.
  • Open your patches to the world with Node for MaxA h } I O.
  • Experience a streamlined patching workflow.
  • Uncover the secrets to MaxQ = q U Z B H mastery with searcj b #h.

Max 8.1.8 Release Notes

(For more informationn 3 ^ 0 c & on new features in Max 8, please visit, y _ 3 O s $m/products/max-features)
Fixed Bugs:
live.scope~: now marked as a factory object and not included in co| D @ ]llectives anm M 5 ]d Max for Live dev0 ~ f # (ices
mtr: fixed crash on clear
Translations: Fixed use of custom Docs directory
umenu: fixed prefix output