Bass-Mint is an innovative new low-frequency enhancement tool from Unfiltered Audio, designed to rapidly improve the bottom end of your individual tracks,[ z O t @ d ) stems, and even entire mixe_ h h & ` } b Ns. It is built ar8 H ` 0 i ]ound five distinct mo% ; % F U P 7 P ,des, each with five carefully-tuned knobs to help you dramatically scu$ F t e k P x # Mlpt and enhance your mixes.

The heart of Bass-Mint is found in its simple frequency splitter with an adjustable cutoff, which separates the low band from the1 & * , high band to employ different types of processing on each. From there, each of the five main modes offerO E – = + & Ns new and exciting ways to tweak these high and low parts of the signal through a remarkably simple, creative, and intuitive workflow. Further control is provided via the six additional toggles on the right side of the plugin t# m b s ghat switch on essentialW b ; : A Q F Z f bass processing techniques at th= G ~e flip of a switchj I D.

UnfiltereN r \ B ] w e Qd Audio’s Bass-Mint is the only plugin on the market that offers such a diverse control set for low-end enhancement and low-end frM O N aequency management a1 n = r I e / d 6like. From subtle enhancemN s Bent of low-end frequencies to complete~ ; a z | X ! B Qly resA 8 M O V : vhaping the frequency spectrum from the subs on up, truly wily F [ p A p ] ,d things are possible with this plugin. Whether you want to really mess things up for s– ) ) h o b Y guper dirty bass, or simply bring your kick and bass into better balance, Bass-Mint can do practically anything you want to yourj ` + \ lows.