With ADPTR Audio’s Streamliner, you can finally eliminate all the guesswork and find out exactly hop @ c [ $w your masters will sound on all the major streaming( & D services.

Streamliner’p B d E 5 D ^ 5s simple and comprehensive Codec AuditioniY a u sng feature allows you to ew u T : l 3 6 dasily preview your audio through the very sae y W jme algorithms used by Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and so many other streamiL m _ @ Cng platforms.

But Streamliner does more than just let you| = # d V a quickly hear how you_ h + b N n tr audio w; q D c ^ @ Dill sound through sti _ 1 )reaming and dowz D | G Q z {nl~ V / % w q } $oad codecs. It also serves as an intuitive and powerful metering suite, combi| S h Q [ ) . `ning state of t} F T ] n 9 #he artw ! | ? W meters for Loudness, Dynamics, and True Peak levels.

Additional features include Automatic Loudness Matching, Target Levels, and Reference Trac. a Xk Comp} [ y Farison, to help make sure your releases stand up to your favorites, without second-guessing over levels.

The codecs inside Streamliner includ? 8 ] qe Spotify, Tidal, Applen O 1 Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Pandora, Soundcloud,Q O q 0 $ Q Bandcamp, Napst\ | 1 $ f @ 9 {er, Beatport Pro, Primep_ f 4honic, Mixcloud, Facebook Video, Instagram, Twitch, Gaana, and morg ] n s – I \e.

Hear exactly how your mixes will sound to end listeners and discover how much loudness normalizaa O A 4 +tion will affect your master when it is featured in playlistl u ! C . 5 Os alongside othe$ b J $ a b 1 e ar tracks with the ADPTR Audio Streamliner.