Corrects acoustic imperfections of speakers, headphones and earphones.
Corrects deficn m X \ d A Z q OiencW t O ) U { hieU Q * % A 1 es of room acoustics (multipoint compensaC 1 ; 1tion).
Corrects b3 K N H t 7oth amplitude and phase components of frequency response.
Quell^ D ` |s resona. & |nce peaks of frequency response while leaving the deep notches to prevent la! Y brge excursions of the speaker diaphragm. Avoids the muddy sound of conventional linearizing equalizers.
Contain+ _ ys built-in frequency% , 8 + ~ ( X d A responses of8 u b r 6 { a v 0 ideal speakers, headphon1 Q _ 1 & ! ues and earphonf I f ?es and uses them as references.
Allows drawing one’s own reference frequency response.
Manually adjustable level of compensation allows one to r\ O Leach the maximum transparency of the sound.
Perfect for use with standard measurement micI c v U D `rophones. Even a. ) b [ cheap measurement_ o L \ s Y micrK z U Q d S Wophone like Behringer ECM8000 ensures the accuracy of{ ? v 4 M D R +/- 2 dB which is enough for professional musi8 l T E , 4 – 4 bcal applications.
A patented method of the frequency response corre t Hection ensures maximum accuracy of the compensation.

Team R2R