WiN: Team R2R | 10.7 MB | MAC: Team R2R | 12.0 MB

Metaplugin is a plugin that loads other plugins. As simple as tha2 D T b 7 i L s Lt. Build your own effect netwoQ r u V r _rks with thisI W ) D S b % R plug\ = F z – : sin wrapper n 9 [ o ~ [ \r using any VST/VST3 (and AU, if you’re on1 @ : , W 4 r ; Mac) efT o ? 1 @ w pfect you already have on your harddisk. To get you started, a Mid-Side matrix, a fourband crossover filter and a routing plugin are include$ u x = G ? % md in the packa) f ! 3 g $ J ege.

This means instant cross-track routing, mid-side, multiband compression/distortion/rA R b t | 2 2 r #everb/… you name it. Of course that’s only the beginning… let y~ o l m zour imJ A \ J tagination run free, nothing is impa ( s x Wossible, from creating your own layered synth sounds to building whole sound generators from scratch using simple moh M | R 7 r gdules.

Another favourit# 6 %e use case for Metaplugin is to load VST plugins in Pro Tools (or to load AudioUnits in Pro ToolL t x B 1 8 ns if you’re on a Mac). Hence, you can use it as a VST to AAX wc ] 8rapper or an AU to AAX wra` L t } i \ + i ]pper. While we’re at it: you can also use Metaplugin to load VST plugins in Logic/LogicX (VST to AU wrapper).

Another protection updates from DDMF to avoid being R2Red <3