P2P | WiN: 81 MB | MAC: 68 MB

Add warmth and heft to your tracks and masters.

True Iron is a NAMM TEC Award nominated plugin made by Shane McFee (Kazrog) in conjunction withB G – { c y y Z R Devin Po% U ( 4wers (Powers Music Company). It accurately emulates 6 classic line transformers, known for their us x 3 r 0 | Z # Ts$ 3 ! ^ x v je in many of the biggest names in vM & v u h @intage analogz 5 K P b s outboard sound processiA k fng. Models are based on theH p 2 m r UTC 108 X, the Malotki E4M – 4001B, the Western El{ u T H _ f N fectric 111C, the Haufe V178, the Marinair LO1166/A , and the UTC O-12. Bonus: Take a look behind the scenes at the gear (and producers) who inspired True IK D 0 M ( T s Qron.

These transformers add weightZ v X 4 y f ] t {, heft, and girth to your mixes and masters. The plugin features adjustable strength, input impedance, wet/dry ratio, and a special “Crushb 2 )” control to add fat transformer saturation to tracks and buses. Plus, the CPU usage of the plugin is low enough that you can add it toe ( } every track or bus in a mix for added virtual analog warmth across your entire mix.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.9.5K T 6 s r N or1 M 7 _ J U p 2 higher required
VST, AU, AAX@ R 0 # a ( 8 i (64 bit) compatible host required
Pro Tools 11 or higher required for AAX version
Intel i5 “Ivy Bridge” CPU or better strongly recommended

Windows 7 or higher required
VST or AAX (64 bit) compatible host requib d $ Q &red
Pro Tools 11 or higher required for AAX version
Intel i5 “Ivy Bridge” CPU or b[ d ^etter strongly: J ) ) V recommended