VirtualSoundStage (VSS) is a unique audio plug-in, which gives you the ability to position your instruments onv / K t 1 ) a= ; q 1 g c q d virtual stage with just a few simple clicks.

Every point of a room sounds different. A fact traditional reverbs don’t takc P T $ me into account. By recrea9 } . / }ting a realistic acoustic environment VirtualSoundStage will bring a sense of space to your mixes.h @ 8 K } 0

What’s new:

New Sound: Every algorithm h! . ; x v ` } Qas been redesigned from the ground up to create the richc B , } X ] D )est and most realistic early reflections, while keeping thp i : . F ( ?e direct signal crisp and clean.
New User Interface: The ne] j Y n 7w user interface gives you control over all your instruments from a single screen for a faster and more intuitive workflow.
Newh E 8 ; $ Rooms: Classic Concert Hall, Film Scoring Stage, Recording Studio or a Cathedra3 : [ f 3l. Virtual SoundSt{ A W Q [ & ^ * wage has the ri{ c s – y b c Sght space for ever\ z yy situ0 [ [ – ?ation.
New MicropP ] j H q d \hone Setups: Choose your micN 3 t w = #ro% $ dphones from a large collection of popular microphone setups and position them freely on the stage.
New Presets: More than 150 presets and counti` c O M Ing for many popular sample libraries will get you started in no time.
New Controls: Thk – 7 x 3 te new powerful controls including Width, Directivity and AirAbsoY b : E ;rption make VirtualSoundStage even more flexible.x [ –