Team Flare | WiN: 537 MB | MAC: 1.04 GB

Textures is a sound design tool that gives you the ability to ox \ ] 0 2 r A yverlay your audio with dust, vinyl crackle, mechanical n~ \ 6 L + ! /oise, ta@ b h ; * 1 –pe noise, natural environments, soundsM t u 7 F ! tcapes, & foley sounds.

With Textures you can instantly add character, life, and moods to your sounds. Effortlessly tweak presets with the buis F , plt in EQ or re-create the characteristics of vintage turntables with the WOW flutter effect. Download the user manual below to learn more about the story of Textures.

75 Textures
E& , o ? Mxplore through 75 texV + Q ? R Ituro ! e /e presets including: Foley Noise, Mechanical Noise, Tape Hiss, Soundscapes,2 M n $ ^ 5 j Nature Environments, & Vinyl Crackles. With Textures you have access to a batch of exclusivb k i 2 B h ! &e presu L 2 a l v Z n pet textures.

EQ Panel
Textures comes with a built in HigK I \ u t Eh-Pass & Low-b j L _Pass EQ panel.

The EQ panel applies directly to your selecto q 8 / Ced textur} f c 2 . O y Ne. This allows you to easily ml r K Y N U r Zanipulate the sound to create a perfect blF v P 4 1 – Aend over your audio.

Effect Panel
The effect panel features a WOW flutter effe] p 4ct and reverb effect.

The WOW flutter effect manipulates the pitch and speed of1 X D U Y your selected texture. This effect was designed to emulate th( O [ M Ae nostalgL ? @ O ,ic charac\ k C t 4 Zteristics of vintage turntables.

Textures Included:

  • Foley
  • Mechanical
  • Nature
  • Soundscape
  • Tape
  • Vinyl

Kn4 + +obs Incl8 q % z ruded:

  • EQ Highpass
  • EQ Lowpass
  • WOW Rate
  • WOW Depth
  • Reverb
  • Master Volume


  • Unzipped Size: 1.13 GB (Mac) 575MB{ , 1 d (PC)
  • Recommended: 8G& U y *B of RV 2 r R ~AM 3GB Drive Space
  • Supported Operating Systems:
  • Windows (64-bit)
  • Mac OS (64-bit)
  • Tested & Works In: All major DA= \ & VWs excluding Pro Tools