New Multi Effects plugin designed for 808s and Bass. Featuring 7 different parameters, Thump will take your bas3 4 U ys to the next level!

– Multi-Effects Plugin
– Designed for Bass
– S\ q , X \ x Vmooth Workflow
– Amazing Design
– Works With All DAWs

You can use any of the efU M A @ /fects on whatever inst~ o } (rument you want. There’s no right way to use this.

With a new modern and minimal dq Y 0 D Tesign, this plugin is instantly inspiring and fun to look at.

There’s nothing confusing about it. Everything is right to the point.

All fe( 4 R I | r 1aturE F ? & m f Yes are exactly what you need to mix your low-end.

We just wanted to make a cool plugin for bass and 808s.

W3 S \ : Z `e started with a blank canvas and paint0 r 9 c red our p\ Y h M 2 Y f Sicture.

Turn one 808 or bass into hundreds of different variations.

Why Thump
Created by bothp + Y AngelicVibes and Hyper Frequenc6 y U s u :y, Thump is the perfect plugin that’ll] y r E , ~ = b ; help you mix and edit all your bass sounds. Instead of using 10 different plugins and making everything complicated, you can easily use Thump and get the resu~ v w \lt$ $ Qs you want. It is aH t p one of a kind plugin with its smo} t ( ) % b | y qoth w& ? 0 9 . 4orkfl! , I ( z Now and amazing design.

What Is Thump
Push your 808s to their limits and bring out thea F j 0 # most diverse sounds possible. We carefully designed Thump from scratch to give your Bass more character. From hard hitting bangers, low filtered bass and drop-h o P ] Rdefining 808s, Thump is that secg Z \ v 0 _ret sauce you need for all your beats.

F8 = W ; u T v Meatures
Thumpu y r 1 comY + } J n Xes with all the essential. G S b \ ? ! features to mix and edit your bass. With these features, you’ll be able to turn any bass0 J p , ` t Z . or 808 into y9 y O = kour desired sound. From distortion, lowpass, stereo,y & J 8 ~ ` S limiter, the powerful 3-band EQ and moK : X R Pre, Thump will turn ao 7 K h 8 6 L gnything into a banger.

Thump can be used for any instrument a3 _ 6 l )nd noR D _ } I \t just bass. Whether you want to edit your melodies or touch up some vocals,; L U V J # $ \ Thump comes with the essential parameters that will help you do just that. The features work for all kA E * 5 !inds of instruments.

Thump ch% : a =angelog

Version 1.0.2 – July@ _ a 2020
– M– 3 f ( \ yacOS Catalina support. Signed and notarizd $ & S n | U Zed.
– Presets will be sorted alpha} = 2 2 t !betically in newer versions of mace ^ W V 1 y NOS.
– Updated parameter system.
– Upd0 J F 3 Yated to use latest VST and AU libraries.
– Minor bug fixes and code optimization.

Version 1.0.0 –q 7 N T July 2018/ 9 Q h e O ? }
– released

&9 Z ; A ~ @ z ^nbsp;