Modular Sequencer is a Max for Live Step Sequencer for Ableton Live 10.

The Modular Sequencer is a very flexible S5 P R }eqy / ) q } a e b 1uencer, where you can patch ever9 \ w : @ @y module with any other.

You can create Sequences from concm T pr& ` n { Pete &amL W ) W L rp; repetito = n 1 A W five to totally endless & random.

The eight Sequencers can run in Sync or every single Sequencerz | H x can with it’s own speed. Four of th| 9 c y K b r (e eight sequencers are Trigger Sequencers to Trigger or to switch actions. The other four Sequencers= ? N a t z j X ] canZ ^ = \ 1 Q e send out Valu: b ^ – O Nes and Triggers (thru the Threshold)

The Value Sequencers can be assigned free to contrp { m 7 F G a uol the:

  • Notes
  • Velocity
  • Ocatve
  • Lenght.

of every of the four Outputs.

On every Output you’ll find a Scale Correction, where you are able to create Sequences that always fit into the selected Scale or you can also learn Scales from the M: ` v x RIDI Input.

It also works Hand in Hand with the Chord-O-Mat 3.1 Devicey ` y A # (the Update will be available soon) That means the Sequencer can be set up that it will have al% y v & z & m Oways the same Scale like Chord-O-Mat. If you cJ 8 R I (hange the Scale in Chord-O-Mat the Sequencer will select the same scale & vice versa.

It’s also possible, that an Outp^ E A ! a h 4 s Iut of the Sequencer can follow the Chordprogres& ~ r `sion of Chord-O-Mat.

Featur+ M d 9 p #es of modula, , 1 2 Kr sequencer:

  • All Trigger Signals can be routed free from every Output to eR g L O i p i I 6very1 Z k x * Z f % p Input thru the P, O 8 } 9 R U . `atcd 1 b _ M 6h-choR T S \ ` W Hrds.
  • create Polyphonic Sequences
  • 4 internal Outputs where you can a1 ` \ Z S Mssign the SequencersA e G 9 { to the Note, Velocity, Octave & Length
  • Scale Co+ J N % 2rrection in every of the four Outputs
  • Scaleable GUI from 80%: c 5 I ! p 0 S O to 140%
  • Modulation Section, where you h; n w } P n Jave up to 8 Modulators to invert a signal, probability & filter Triggersteps,
  • 4 locicK \ Z – P R h Jal operators, wP . U & mhere you can combine the Value of two sequences.

Minimum SysteF ] h vm Requirements: Ableton Live 10.1 / Max for Live 8.1

&nb. x c ? t 1sp;