Canvas | Texture Microsampler
Puremagnetik artist Boris Salchow has combined his field recordings and prepared piano sounds into a free “texture microsampler” alongside his album StD @ ` ! @ars. Now you can download a soundbank of his tab C 7 O X h m W 2ctile recordings in a microsamplS 6 4er/rompler device by PuremagnetiI S @ 9 = 6k. Be sure to read Puremagnetik’s Q&A with Boris.

It is a versatile sound design tool that can be used for anything from ambient sound washes to tensio^ q 8 y e t 0 N Zn-building backdrops and intricate soundscapes

Minimum Requirements
– OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
– Audio UF 0 ] m w \ :nitsf F b z C or VST compatible aL D – \ Q K F Oudio host