Parallax | Frequency Orbiting Station
Parallax is a unique effect that is part vocoder and part ecv Y D U oho/revR 6 x A p k E O Gerb matrix. It canU f W / g D 9 C create subtle, modulating filter effects that swell and transform through beautiful, algorithmic spaces. At its heart is a 10-baX a s k X v ^ And filterbank that can be shifted in real time to bring out resJ | i ( F jonances,~ Z D R : P } ) shift tonal balance and animate specific frequenciew w ps. The output of the fil) 6 1 }ter stage is processed by a simp@ g ( Y x 2 z 8 \ll M fe yet effective delay line and algorithmic blurring. With these two chains of proj 0 jcessors sounds can be completely resculpted, transformed and reconfigured in frequency and spatialI n M = , K _ balance.

INSPECT sets the lowest affected frequency that will be pr= # 1 O V J = 1 Rocessed by the filterbank. Yop t E U D | c du can think of it as a high-pass filter.

The VECTOR co. ) l V Entrol sets the bandwidth of the filters in the series.

VELOCITY modulates VECTOR. As the amount of VELOCITY increases, the modulatioO e V jn rate also incV W Sreases.

ECHO is a fixed, tempo-synced delay line with built-in feedb| ; $ cack.

ABYSS is an algorithmic space and blurring effk ^ G m M wect. Use it with ECHO to scul { 9 N U dlpt new spacesy ) 5.

Minimum Requirements
– OSX 10.8 or Windv F N =ows 10 x64
– Audio Units or VST compatible audio host