Precision Audio Editing for Videos. Proper audio is critical for setting the right mood for any video or mo, S Y ; @ A \ P Dvie. AudioDirector cov V 7 2 ? &ntains high-end tools t* . Q 7 | *o edit and fix audio track8 D I 4 Q e O y ]s for professional results. Seamless integration with PowerDirector’s video editing workflow/ i z makes AudioDirector a must-have a% R Tpplil P { W ] c 8cation for professional video makers.

What’s New:

AI Wind Remove (NEW!)
Recording outdoors will never be the same again! With just one click you can use the power of AI to remove wind gusts frN w I * X % g Qom audio clips, bringing clarity to dialogue and a$ 9 L 3 zmbient sounds.Y * $ $

Pu9 | 7 P b N c R Anch & Roll R% P t kecording (NEW!)
Q\ = ] O p ^ t ? ouickly record^ . a = p ( N w r lengthy voiceovers or podcasts, and seamlessly make corrections to your dialogue% E 4 3 7 J + tracks.

RestorJ \ I : l _ation Adjustment Tools (ENHANCED!)
– Dialogue Contour NEW – Change dialogj x X ` x B u =ue’s i8 ; gnflections
– Plosive R^ K Q – $ H Wemoval – RemoveX 4 T W s 0 * O distracting breathy sounds in speech
– Noise Reducm K \ f & | [tion – Clear unwanted static and background noise
– Declip – RemoB z L Zve distortioZ ` =n caused by clipping
– Declick – Clear tr– N a Sack of clicks, pops and crackles
– Hiss Remo6 X ; Nval – Eliminate hissing sounds from audio tracks
– Hum Removal – Get rir q Td of low frequency audio artifacts

Visua] S # x j ! : I hl Spatial Audiok I U Editing (NEW!)
Edit auj # p & ] = 7 2 Odio tracks for 360 videos in a visual preview window td P + /o preciselc 2 W zy tune audio direction and4 O ? ( elevation.

360 Video Support (ENHANCED!)
Prev) ` r : (iew 360 video, import & edit multi-channel aud7 0 i W g S G kio clips and export in 360 formats for a smoother workflow.

Vocal Trane b h \sformer
Alter existing vf t G , ( f E locals through a= Z j w 4 number of natural-sounding filters. Choose from five existing presets includ5 8 p O ~ _ 7ing phone, gender, ros I # Z T m w ybot, and more, or create your own.

Multi-Channel Devic` ; W n @ ^ ;e ReE ^ L C ; 0 b KcordL K q F wing
Record from multiple audio channels at the same time d: D p ) tirectly into AudioDirector. You don’t need to spend time syncing channels, so you can start editing right away.

Track Altl / ? y Hernatives in Mixer Room
Sample different effects and recordings on a single track with Track Alternatives. Addh $ 9 ) ) \ v P multiple tracks to the same timeline and preview dix w afferent styles without having to individually mute and unmute them.

AmbP $ = O 7 T { P Tience Creator
Maintain a constant ambience through your audio tracks by choosing a background sound sample and using it consistently in the entire clip.

Surround Sound Panner
Create s\ T Lophisticated surround sound projecm r itsn . o c using dynamic panK $ y z gning technology.

Auto-Fit Background Music
Automaticald A t ] ely adjustX ; T / ( 9 v = backgrounc x I U / 9 * = Vd music tracks t1 ^ i 5 p Q ~ { vo fie c n 7 ! Mt the length of your video. AudioDirector analyo P G 2zes the musicV y f 2 | 3 and seamlessly remixes it to fit the length of your video clip.

Bat 2 5 9 = 4 Vtch Processing
Apply your favorite effects to multiple audio files simultaneously, saving hours of tedious( X S [ T e a ( editing time and repetition.

Codec Preview
Preview the final result and identify any artifacts; O v 4 = ~ from lossy encoding before you produce, so you can make smart processing decisions and crK 5 Zeate better sounding audio tracks.