The HoRNet MultiComp is a compressor in vst and audio unit format that provides you with three different compression models, a VCA emulation, a FET emulation and an OPTO emulation.v M % R = K p G V Every model is equipped with a special oversampl: M Z \ | i S ^ JingE R 7 mode and a characteristic analog saturation, it also provide an hp 6 e !igh pass filter for the sidechain The algorithm makes/ } P Z \ h \ no compromise trying toy 0 D 6 w i achieve the best possible quality, still maintaining a reasonable CPU load.

Three flavors for every taste

T3 k O * nhe HoRNet MultiComp has three compression models and gives you a wide palette of sound to choose from: the snappy sound of the VCA (ih J L g h ]nspired by the typical sound of 80s VCA compressors) or the fat vintage FET sound (inspired by the fa4 % Z \ Yst and big sound of the classic vintage FET compressor) or the smooth found of the OPTO` R % limiter (with its peculiar program dependent release time).

Real GR metering

The G} j ! v E f main ReducJ ) t H 9 9 c X *tion meter of the MultiComp visually show the compression cF r 8 o . ~ fharacteristics of the choseK \ q G h Y Tnd ) R r – model. Every hardware compressor and many software one has fixed attack and release times to slow down meter action and make it more visible for the human eye. MultiCo@ l 5 x } 5 \ imp’s gain reduction meter moves at the same speed of the compressor detector so that yoP G D m z ku can visually see attack and release times, but somet~ X b 9 = d Limes your compressor moves too fast so we aded a han? f Ddy peak hold dn N Z q Z Visplay that shows you ths 5 q Q #e maximum gain reducw / q v n ! & *tion applied in the last 2 secondz z J Y f A fs.