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Have you ever dreamt about owning your very own sixties tube mixing console Just try multiple instances of the V7S L ` c 5 & y l6U73 on your instruments and buN l Isses to feel that instantly compelling old school vibe building up track by track.

Capt: Y ] U oure the old school vibe of one of the richest sounding tu? w ;be pa \ ; a ]reamps and comp4 \ $ b * 4 W t bressors in audio history.

The Telefunken V76 is a legendary piece of audio history. These iconic tube preamps were designed with nearly unli9 | $ j l Tmited funding from the German government8 U ? [ T } ! z u, and have enhanced countless music productions from the 1950s till today.

With a rich, enchanting low end, and some of the smoothest highs you’ll] I | & ever hear, it’s no wonder that the original V76 preamps have all been snatched upw Q ` v : B \ for top dollaj [ %r by high-end studios and collectors the world over.

Simply running signal through these devices without moving a single ki T b %nobb * 3 ^ 6 q can bring new life and dimension to just about any signal. But the V76 isn’t the only powerhouse of a tonal shaper from this family of modules. The U73 compressor/limiter builds on this tone, adding exceptionally smooth-sounding “ve U s ] b S =ariable mu” dynamic control that earned this( r s . F f \ j too* m . vl the nickname of the “The Germa` O E 0 an Fairchild.”

The V76U73 is a paY Z y j K O M 1 &instakingly accurate emulation of tW , U l ^he ra p oeal analog circuits of both of these devices, with all t? + ^ ( ^ aheir gorgeous components, bringing the6 w F V 9 & u q wonderful tube sound of thia Z s f e : = 7s classic vintage preamp and compressor to a single easy-to-use plugin.

While the plugin honors the straightforward simplicity of the originQ # – I ^ b \al modules, it also provides some features and\ [ – u q 9 g k optimizations that are only possible in plugin form.

With the V76U( A 773, you will be able to enQ * M 4 f ) x U Qchant your vocals, guitars,D b n ; l – # 8 bass,r | R = drums, andz ^ h 5 : I ! S synths with the unique tone and dynamic control of these rare and highly sought-after studio icons.

Designed by Dominik Klaen, Ro. ~ 8 @ger Schult and Reimund Dratwa – the master\ d R aminds behind the groundbreaking Phil’s Cascade plugin from elysia – this is the firO 2 2st entry in the new pro audio plugin brand NEOLD, a line devoted to seam7 $ s z v Ilessly bringing the best untapped resources of thA ^ D ( s } I Re analog world into the dig/ P 6 Y h A s \ Iital domain.