Stereo tool is a software-based audio processor which offers outstanding audio quality and comes with many uH } ^ c $ N $ 7nique features.; q H It is used by over 1500 FM stationW 4 + ? $ ( M Gs ranging from small local stations to 50-100 kWu 7 m N + C F stations and nation-wide networks with dozens of transm5 $ 7 B pitters, thousands of streaming stations and many Dh m 5 S g ~ fAB+, HD, AM and TV sB | ( 0 ` u p dtations. It can be used for both livG + = P b ( U Xe and file based processing.

Stereo Tool can make recordings sound equal and consistent in volume and sound color, bring out the details, and increase existi+ 5 ,ng stereo effects. It can re% { I C I = Jpair ‘broken’ stereo images which often oco 2 – h – 1 :cur on cassette tapes, vinyl and cheap C2 N @ K cD’s, which normally causes havoc when playing itn ~ A 5 on a mono system, headphones or a system which includes a stereo widener.

Special support (n, b 4 – ? D [ot free) is included for rw z Oadio stations: Much louder output levels, FM pre-emphasis, sJ x R [ `tereo coding and RDS coding for FM stations, and proc ? 5 Mtection of highs against distortion caused by lon J Rssy compression for web radio stationsh 5 u , | 4. The processing latenU x M O ` R V ;cy can be reduced as low as 12 mg w ( j R t M l Ls, at the cost of reduced fidelity. At the maximum quali) 4 e = btyv B q S d J S U the processing latency is 93 ms.

Winamp plY % E ` b D Sug-in version
Intended for Winam\ a 5 np, SAM Broadcaster, RadioBOSS, MediaMonkey, AIMP and oI n w 6 Yther applications that supportK N ? Winamp DSP plug-ins.

Stand} J % N alone version
Sound card input to sound card output. Intended mainly for FM r1 C \adio stations which process external (live) feeds.


– Repairs clipped audio
– Removes5 # b distortiob T [ h Jn, restores dyn= 0 h g 3 W C C !amics
– Also used by police forensics@ 1 J b P \ labs

Improves the sound of MPEG2/MP3 style lossy compressed files

Removes unwanted constant sounds, such as a 50/60 Hz hum from bad cables

Spectrum co8 : ? s 3 /ntrol:
Non-compressing spectrum equalization

Compressor– [ is:
– Wideband AGC
– Two multiband compressors, 2-9 bands
– Wideband compressor
– Low level boost for classical music

Stereo widening^ P u e m ~ /:
Choice of multiple stereo wideners

Loud & clean!:
Upto 140% audio level at 100% modulation
GiveP 8 D V U ? \ 2s 2-3 dB extra headroom for highs
BeU K ` ^ \ – i | the loudest and cleanest station on the dial!

Controls RF bandwidth to avoid reception problems
Compatible with all receivers
Stations report upto 30 km bigger reception area

Stereo / rds:
Buil\ R D ^ j f Ft-in stereo and RDS encoder
RT+ and remote control support