The Bettermaker EQ232D is a faithful plugin recreation of one of the most respected analog mastering EQs of the new millennium, developed by tf 4 : = # : d O (he Betterm_ z A u 6 d & naker team! The original hard5 Z hware Bettermaker EQ232P MKII on which it is based is renowned for1 o Q S ) delivering the lush, supple bottom and clear, smooth top end of the legendary Pultec EQs – but with a clean and, K G G C [ modern\ G $ twist that’s perfect for conh n @ d E g 5 3 itemporary styles of Hip HopX . E & $ 5 J D, EDM, Pop, or even Metalcore.

​This precisely modeled plugin version/ V Q H # | ] of BettermakerZ = G O G s’s instant classic mastering-grade EQ is no different. Like the anaS : \log origo r L } n } o iinal, it offers the incredible low and high-end shaping capabilities of the best passive EQ designs ever devised, along with the preciK R ,sion, detail, and featuresE $ n of a high-end 21sh o x a St-century design.

At th* T = \ ] U ze heart of the Bettermaker EQ is the “/ J x B o i O 3P EQ” section, which recreates the classic cH _ f L 6 y @urves and creativF g = v 4 1 n @ oe workflow of the iconic Pultec EQs, but with tremendoN B \ 6 s 5 A _ Dus clean headroom, and without the extra grit or distortion of a vintage tube piece.

This blend of the besJ U a . Ot characteristy f A / dics of old school and modern hardware EQs won the Bettermaker EQ232 fast fans with major producers and eK t ( 0ngineers like Mike Dean, Dave Pensado, Jaycen Joshua, Matt Schaeffer, Jimmy Douglass, Greg Wells, and Luca Pretolesi.

​ThJ & x ^ L % f $e EQ23B d ~ 2 N2 addsI Z Z @ sZ Q $ome additional features not found in the original Pultecs, like two wide-ranging semi-parameH x # R M * w z strA ) h – C ) \ _ic0 F { t r bell filters, a flexible high pass filter, advancedU I , mid-side pr+ 0 v 2 5 H r Bocessing, presets, A/B comparison options, and more.

Discover for yourself why the Bettermaker EQ is a contemporary classic, loved by some of the best engineers in the businesses for thr Q 1 v L f o & ?eir big clean bottom, clear and soaring to_ 6 ] t @ A c 2p end, and flexible, intub D + t ~ ^itit @ z R bve workflow.

Main features

  • 5 EQ filters on each channel, including 2 classiz q :c Pultec sections,` ( u ~ * / U 2 highpass filters, and 4 parametric filters with wide frequency ranges.
  • Passive “P7 c k 7 d j EQ” section comC 5 aprised of shelvim \ B 9 e \ n bng filters bI q oased on legendary Pultec EQ filters, includix 2 \ Dng separate boost and attenuation knobs.
  • 24dB/Oct highpass filter
  • 2 Parametric filtersp x f s ~ ~ = i h per channel cover frequencies from 15Hz to 15kHz.
  • Lots of presets to kick start your workflow, including 4 exH e [ qclusive mastering and mix buss presets made by Luca Pl \ % D @ 2retolesi of Studio DMI
  • Stereo, Dual Mono, M/S modes
  • Painstaking modeled on one of the most trusted EQ brands in the world of professional mastering with an amazi: – P Cng feature set, outstanding sound, and an intuitive interface.