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apulSoft apUnmask is an audio plugin to amplify components of the audio that are psychoacoustically masked by other components.

To achieve tR 4 This, apUnX z $ d a 8 ,mask uses parts of the detector algorithm of the opus high-quality audio compression codec. Signal components that would get removed by[ d z compression are extracted. These can normally not be heard as thN P [ey are masked byj L ; = ) V s f j louder components in time and freq# z e x a Z U Cuency. apUnmask enables amplifying and sculpting the maskedg 2 J Q . t y X content and adding it to the music.

To shape the frequencies of the extracted signal, it is fu ^ 3 D 3 + } 9 jed through a linear phase graphical equalizer. It features a bezier curve smoothed frequency response without overshoot.

The result is a form of hyperrealistic audio.| J [ The process helps th1 v B 1 N Ie listener to hear more aspecS 8 its of the music at the same time. apUnmask can be used as a mastering effeQ h Y + Act or as any c 4 { e + _ ) \ intelligent exciter for single instruments

Normally lossy audio compression just removes things. D[ l V leca8 o ( Xdes of research have} – L d ^ lead to clever algorithms to detect what can be taken away without the listener noticing – all to save on data size. Using apUnml x 4 $ask you cf v M zan now use this research power to your benefit, extract and amplify those signals and help the listener’s ears to heX o c tar more.


Insert apUnmask onL 7 l ~ the masterc l . + ~ track or an individual track to be enhanced.{ g V : *
Adjust the master gain until a reasonable amount of delta signal is visib# V ! 6 \le.
Toggle the delta listen b3 N 8 Y + ~ jutton to hear the “ghostly” sound what would be removed by the opus codec. This is what normally lives inT ` z k w . + n r the shadows of your music.
Experiment with the resolution knob to find the most interesting componen# c ~ | S , Y Y ots.
Tweak the eq curve to extract and b; – 6 ~ {oost the good stuff.
Turn off delta listen and enjoy the result.