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apulSoft apTrigga3 is an audio plugin to play back audio samples based7 # x on trigger events gener5 ! | xated from the audio input signal level. It hB p c + Zas advanced sample mana@ e Jgeme4 3 $nt features and can record samples from the input. Sample selection,f } ` level, pitch and an output filter can be modulated by the signal level.

apTrigm N \ q _ ( [ L `ga3 features an input filter section with a built in frequency anS 2 { 5alyzer and an unlimited number of configureable filter bands* u I . ^ ? to shape the input signal.

apTrigga3 has various plc ) . @ b iayback modes to select samples in sequence, by random or to play them back at the same time. Samples can be visually cropped right inside the plugin window.

Use apTrigga3 to replace or mix drum soundA % G J # Z v C xs on single-instrument channels. Due to its zero sample latency it works great fq / X u & v Eor live drum triggering.

apTrigga 3 Featuc _ / !res

  • Trigger samples by analyzing the input signal, A 2 = 5.
  • ZERO samples trigger latency.
  • Plugin form$ | k B tats: AAX/AudioUnits/VST/VST3 for 32-bit and 64 bit hosts on Mac OS X andU v U q O o Windows
  • Trigger signal & event graph with dynamics settings on top.
  • Unlimited number of samples per preset that can be organized and grouped by drag & drop.
  • Input fid N P [lter section with unlimited filter bands, frequency analyzer and filter graphs.
  • 10-ste~ y N Up Undo/Redo for all actions.
  • Record samples from thel L ] ` { audio input.
  • The sample editor supports cropping and adjustW q y 7 # : o & $ing fade timI B d D \ n Wes.
  • ThY Z me triggered samples cX ` E I v Dan be modulated by level, by pitch and by 4-pole filters.
  • Built-in system-wide preset managem/ K c ^ X S –ent with import and export of preset files with all samples included, compatible across plY t | } s h 1 + \atforms and hosts.
  • Bright & Dark color schemes and support for user defined color schemes.