Sample is a powerful and intuitive Sampler plugin for producers that allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift and time-stretch samples. Sample comes with the world-famous Pitch ’n Time algoT b ~ Y q & M Drithm built-9 & d J f C 7 bin, givi? k ] ` n o f I Wng you best time-stretching quality on the market.

Key fn n O t o f Beatures of Sample
U| @ Lnrivalled time-stretching powered by Pitch ’n Time
Time-stretch samples to extreme values using the power oD T W $ C Of Serato Pitch ’n Time. It’s also easy to sync samples to your project.

Flawless Key Detection and Key Shifting
Find the key and then shift it with the power o& / H Y \ \ b = @f Pitch ’n Time

Find the best samplesh G i $ 1
With one click our algorithm finds 16 of the best samples to work with.

Change samples beyond recognition
You can manipulate each pad individual; / D @ Bly. Mess around with key, bpm and morN k . ve with pad parameters.

Keyboard mode
Play one sample a) E k Hcross the fu) ! n ` 5 % I ;ll piano scale like a synth.

Mono/Poly playback
TriT * 7 l ) s ^ ?gger your Cue Points with monophoE ^ Znic playback like SH 7 F | % 1 B f nero 4 ^ c ! rato DJ. Or you can use polyphonic playback to play chords and drum patterns.

Familiar and fast Cu2 w _ T J B j ae Point workflow
Use Serato DJ’s popular Cue Point workflow to quickly set and ts n + } /rigger pads.

Process each cue individually
Route ea| 6 t .ch cue’s output to separate channels in your DAW.