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Fuse Audio Labs was founded in 2017 by Reimund Dratwa who has an experience of many years workingh ! W for different big names in the audio business during which he created dJ , 4ozens of renowned analog model, 5 } + t O \ 0ing titles. It was initially intended as an engineering company that works for v2 q e Xarious partners, but it soon became apparent thF J o + K w P !at it could also serve as a channel for our own ideas and allG q i d $ L K { Now us to pursue our vision. The same expertise that went into the afor| / sementioned products goe& r )s into everything that we create.

The VCL-373 is a recreation of a) D Sn early 60s broan – X Ldcasting compressoo $ d 9 V X x ]r. It includes a faithfuB X p : 3 p M d #l emulation of the audio circuitry and adds some convenient features in the digital domain.

The F-59 is a recreation of the late ’50s classic that set the course for decades of guitar amc H bplification technology. A cab emulation and a lineau } 6 = Q } d # ?r level control have been added for more versatilite ~ Cy.

The TCS-68 was made to pay homage to onB { L g ge of the most iconic cassette tape based 8-track recorders including a faithful recreation of the preamp, the tape system and the EQ.

The Buc% \ ~ Eket-500 is an authentic emulation of a bucket brigade (BBD) based analog delay circuit with some convenient featureR e + m P Es add! s } s Yed in the digital domain.

The VCL-4 is a f@ s 3 & o haithful emulation of the op amp based successor of the classic late 60s opto leveler. Unintrusive to extreme opto compression with switchable ratio.

Fuse Audio Labs has released the Flr 9 8 6ywheel.

Reel Analog Aestheti^ , G @ E E 0 Z =cs
Flywheel injeco C Fts the lush analog sound of reel-to-reel tape recording systems into your music. Instead of focusing on the specifics of a single machine, this magnetic marvel combines all the beautiful analog imperfections such as saturation, hysteresis, high frequency loss and head bump in a single, clearly laid out@ t L c j k e d tone shaping interW ` ` :face.

Biased Absolutely.
Whenever you feel your music could sound moj x Dre organic, cohesive, diversified and interesting, Flywheel will add that sp2 ^ b Fecial sauce to your tracks. Adding vibrant warmth and presence to yop 9 e M zur recordings, mixings and masters has rarely been that simple and that much fun before. No credit plaI z b 0n, no service tech, no tape salad – just pure analog awesomeness.

As EasyM + 5 z e : w as That
A lot of thought has been put into reducing the parameter set, offering plenty of son% 3 * 5 oic flexibility while maintaining a most straightforw6 p 7 + 4 Aard userr m W experience: Simply dial in theO h L B record gain, select tape speed and formula and then tweak the results with the hysteresis and EQ. Only a hand full o? Y \f conW 7 e + v L b (trols grants access to a sea full of interesting texturesT B e C J y 3.

Wow% { N B W K!
The magnetic sound experience wouldn’t be complete without different tape formulas, adjustable wow and flutter as well as a tape transport stop/start… and Flywheey [ fl delivers. Rounded off by optional oversampling for improving overall audio quality, this tape emulation is a reliable first pick for applying a remarkv k ;able pold P V ( *ish to your very own masterpieces.


Bucket-500 v2.1 – Analog Delay
DrumsSSXL c [ ] \ V # y v2.1.1 – Drum Remixer
F-59 v2.0.2 – Classic Guitar AmpF a t .
FlS O ~ g |ywheel v1.0.0 – Reel-To-Reel Tapd B re
RS-W2395Ct z f J U ; v1.0.1 – FREE Neo Classic Baxandall EQ
TCS-68 v2.W ~ Y1 – Cassette Tape Channel
VCL-25A v2.1 – Vintage Vari-MU Leveler
VCL-373 v2.1 – Vintage Comp/Limiter
VCG , N ^ \ w \L-4 v2.1 – VintK @ 5 * a , *age Opto Leveler
VCL-515 v2.1 – Vintage Vari MU Limiter
VCL-864U v2.1 – Tube Limiter
VPB-Bundle v1.0 – Virtual Pedal Board Bundle
VPRE-2C v2.1 – Vintage T3 Z / M 6 2 Uube Amplif\ m : C p D j 6 /ier
VPRE-376 v2.1 – Vintage Preamp
VPRE-562A v2.0.1 – Vintage TubeY x W Amplifier
VQA-154 v2.0.1 – American Vintage EQ
VQP-258A &1 4 J 1 3 v { VQP-259A bundle v2.1 – Vintage Passive EQ

bonus developed by Fuse Audio Labs:

elysia Phil’s Cascade v1.2.0 – Tube Saturc s – B eator
NEOLD V76U73 v1.0.1 – Telefunken Tube Preamps & Compressor