The DSPplug freq3 is the answer to the desire that there could be a fast, reliable and well designed equalize~ ` e { : Z 3 e –r that c. P O \ } o qould wx 7 Gork as well or beside the fruity parametrj = _ K G ?ic EQL 2 X R E U2. The fruity parametric EQ2 has been a staple of the industry, providing speed and reliability. Thi$ , ; ] ;s eq intends to match that versatility: But, I triG F 9ed to cater the sound design to those thrillseekers hoping for hollywood smoothnesg [ = +s rather than grit.

Expect speed, and versatility. Pleaj : Lse contact if there is any technical issuei , 4 5s I will~ ? B , respond promptly ant G H w o h Td I will try t3 S a b * v ! Y ,o fix any issue that you may e2 % C D 7ncou* n \ ~ / ~ * =nter personally.

There’s a built in brickw: w B y 7 aall limiter with some feedback protection. It will overload the release if you push it to hard but I deg 0 gsigned it to try and bounce back. it’s mA J cuch like hardwarh E s ! I r Ue in thad + V ] C & C [ gt respect.