The DSPplug silverhawk is hands down one of the fastest, most reliable EQ’s on the market. It’s desF Y @ D q ( v ] gigned to be good looking and to emulate some of the most pol ] O S Q m –pular hardware ever designed. The silverhawk is also only solu L gd on KVRaudio and DSPplug.

Often people overlook mono, not realizing that most samples employ a technique calleJ } e 4 c { ) t Dd Lauridsen mono to stereo which frankly ruins the sound and causes phase that gets out of hand. The silverhawk automatically gets rid of this phenomenon, allowing you to responsibly use a similar effect.

Now both Mono anO U X s 5 z {d stereo!

With good looks and smoking fM 7 O @ B r O wast artice ) } J + 3 z X Sulation, Silverhawk will make you: B Z ^ ~ –r project soar to new heights, with a smooth colour that gix \ ~ ( # ] Dves new definition to the phrase high definition.