What is DRG
DRG or Dual Rhythm Generator is a Max for Live device capable of generating clocks and rhythms that can be used witz k k I x xh analog synthX ~ [esizers and drum machines via control voltage. By2 ; R / % $ C using a combination of two clock generators and an optional boolean logic operator, DRG can generate anything from simple clock divisions to complex rhythms.
DRH v p R ]G is great for clocking analog seq| ( S m Tuencers, triggering envelopes, sequencing drum modules and etcT : E S B.

DRG requires an audio inte– s crface with DC-Coupled outputs or an Expert SleeF : w X * _ l apers ES-3 / ES-4 / ES-40 module.

Cl: v x j H y /ock Generators

The main parts of the DRG device are the two advanced clock generators.
Although the two generE $ r 4 Q Y Oators offer almost identical functions, t[ W : c 8 ] R 4hey are independent from each other and can be set to differe] & | I , F tnt settings.

You can| ) n Z + G ) U } set the clock rate to either divisions of multiplications of Ableton LivZ B 2 S ^ ] $ Ie’s tempo, change the output mode to either Gate or Trigger, change the pulse width, shift and invert the php S 7 P ! 0ase and add shuffle (Trigger mode only). Clock #2 can also be set to usev z T f ` Q P the output of Clock 1 as it’s source clock.

Logic Operator
The logic operato s p W (or work~ \ S p 7 m 5 y +s by applying different boolean logic operations (OR, AND, NOR, NAND, XOR and XNOR) tq R 5 # ] zo the outputs of the 2 clocks. The results of these operations can be easily visualized by looking at the 6 text LEDs that represent the 6 diffe6 a r prent oS ? J V ^ u u _perations.

You can5 h R e i W o / select whicq t ; [ w – # u kh operation you’d to output by clicking on the dropdown menus below Out 1 and Out 2. By default,* s 2 ` # A g ? ; Out 1 and 2 are set to CLK 1 and CLK 2I Y ] j a v 0 & ?,M S 8 meaning that bothA % ( E E outputs will simply output the signal coming out of the 2 clock generators without any logic applied to them (this also means tc Z yhat yo~ } du can use the logic operator in only one of the outputs).

MIDI Controlled Pres7 / L ] \ 9 Q Mets

The MIDI Controlled Presets section let’s you store 12 different presets and recall them using MIDI, meaning that you can recall these presets using a MIDI sequence or a MIDI contrl { Uoller.

The 12 preset slots can be accessed / recalled through the MIDI notes C3 to B3 and are represented by the virtual keyboard displayed on this section.

System Requirementi G F 3 ; *s
– Ableton LiM N e ` $ Q ? gve 9
– Cycling ’74 Max 7
– Windows 7 or OSX 10.7
– DC-Coupled Aa L \ b 8 audio Interface or Expert Sleepers ES-3


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