This was carefully tested, rebuilt and re-crafted over the space of 7 months of extensive testing and study. Hours of research led to this new innovationJ ` s ~, which: Whim a 8 .le it sports a de-nU : P ,oiser, is not designed for thib f } O _ n w \ |s task; instead it is designed for the artist, th} J Ie singer or those who create narratives toh E m make vocal recordings in a noi~ 6 W F | – n Ssy environment. Pretty g! ] @ 3 B @ %ood on CPU, you’ll be impressed by the colour+ 5 6 1 h and speed.

Though the omega gate has a de-noiser, you may in6 7 [ 8 9 Y D ystead wishs v g V A 5 @ to rely on the realtime de-noising, deharshing algoritU * Y s \ 5 g ohm which allows a gate to work more effectively and noiselessly. the problem being, is that even the quietest environment is not quiet enough. While there are other products that get rid of vacuum noises, this product is made for the DJ, for thel 7 ` ] y f Radio annT a ^ U Y founcer and for the person want% T G 6 , Hing to record their vocals.

Purists might notice the@ x c [ 0 z % 5 / lack of auto make-up. This means that the signal is left in its original state, so remixing voals from the omg d cega gi s 0 [ G K Lam Y T 2te is very possible.

The de-noising is currently under constant development and re-creation. Watch this product for updates as it will likely improve ov~ , n – j 0er the next month.