VSTplug phase cancel uses a unique algorithm to avoid the phase cancellation phenomenon; in such aU – L d @ O J A way to avoid the normally destructive effect’s consequences.

All to often, imposing thy b = Z 8 j w M #is effect will negate stereo effect which is desired, and ye} V d p : / :t the amount of phase cancellation remains too high.

Perhaps a new setting will be added to this product to add a more stringent invocation of cancellatiH L { S Son, but the reality is, stereo width achieves the sameV o 7 Q ] purpose. So what does the end user wish To avoid stereo effect altogether or to deal with a minute amount of phase.

Phase cancel, simply, for use in your wind] ( 2 K ]ows VST2 and VST3 compatible DAW.

This product is sold [emailprotected] KVR Aud? 6 ] ( M P . .io and VSTplug.com

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