Picking apart and learning a new song is a time-consuming and sometimes difficult process for any musician. Nowd p – C zplane has combinedn } t + w q Q = numerous audio technologies within deCoda to make it easiero f } 5 ) t u and quicker to learn and practice n3 l x z $ * N @ vew mateB 5 # y T + \ d Hrial. deCoda is software dl 7 %esigned to help both new and established musicians with learning and practising passages of music.

Using simple drag and drop functionality, deCN % 3 ; : Xoda will automatically recognize and map the chov V 4 0 @ ^ %rds, sr . ] g \ e ^ong stT E 4 x D : – Dructure and tem? e L g o F e ] ]po. The user can then5 e p o play through sect$ ] Z & ^ x Kions ate \ ] Y * d % variable tempos starting off slowly and building up speed as proficiency increases. Thh B J N * 8 p d be musical key can also be instantly transposed, pitch changed in both directions by up to an octave and a focus EQ tm @ p 9 u pool can isol? T g ] ~ X $ate parts of the audio spectrum bau \ D a x t Psed on the frequency and panning iC g 2 ? Wnformation.
deCoda Features At A Gl G ? o H = =lance.

  • Advanced chord and tempo detection algorith$ 9 @ X yms.
  • Flexible looping options.
  • Automatic song structure detection – Part A, B C, A2, B2 etc.
  • Available on Mac & Windows.
  • GUI designed with a tou\ H {chscreen in mind.
  • Instantly transpose to a chosen key.
  • Change tempo whilst maintaining the pitch.
  • Focus EQ for isolating parts of the track.
  • Melody information displayed on a piano roll.
  • Exportable MIDI.
  • One off low price for a perpetual lg ( f 0icense.

just updated its acclaimed music learning software deCoda. With version 1.1; o P q % v ^ . T musicians can p) ^ . = %lug ig c J R Q J @ d zn their instrument and play along to the song they are learning. The new plugin support makes it possible to play along through any VST/AU plugin while learning. To get users going quickly, deCoda 1.1 even comes with a special version of IK Multimedia’s Amplitube 4 L% 3 n l p h J H SE with four extr^ 3 X ] e & d ja moY ] ( L o Y * 7 ZdA v + sels.

deCoy : 6 sda was designed to help musicians learn to play new songs.Being able to~ q E z o } s plug in your instrument and play along with your signature sound makes it so much easier, says Tim Flohrer, CTOP F Q and co-owner at zplane.

Built from the ground up as a software/ ` 3 tool to help music makers learn new songs, deCoda is a uniqe | * tue software tool. Users can import any audio file and deCoY ! c 9da will tell the key, tempo and chords and identify sections like intro, chorus and versex 5 * } .. Smart tools for looping, isolating in= g 1 K Q pdividual instruments, trk % / R L R d facing and exporX [ r K X ; ~ x sting melodies, anJ f ( D y h xd adjusting t4 s ! + ! $ khe tempo make it easy to foh [ ~ bllow along and effortlessly lear( b = 7 Y t fn difficult passages.

Other new f9 q . s \eatu+ _ =res include the abilf x x Rity to export thi : : : 7 + K x Ve ch@ r F h s Q 5ord analysis as MIDI files or in ChordPro format forT \ X easy chord sheet creation.

dL , y 2 w reCoda 1.1.0 is a free update for existing owners.

deCoda key features

  • Find Key, te2 _ Smpo and chords with the help of adva0 R 9 w l ) \nced algorithms
  • Learn to play songs in parts with flexible looping opx 0 etions
  • Automatic song structure detec\ p f P 9tion helps you find intro, verse, ch) E h } t &orus etc
  • Plug in yo? * + s ` ( 2 &ur instrument and play along through your favorite VST/AU plug0 e A R ;ins
  • Includ5 W 8 5es a special version of IK Multimedia’s Ampl\ a B r t M ] t }itube 4 with four extra amp models
  • Transpose parts or the entire track to a key that sug # 7 ; \ J ;its9 3 ^ g } 9 @ you better
  • Change tempo without changing the pitch
  • Usr z W Oe the F\ 7 N C q o G \ /ocus EQ to isolate a certain instrument
  • View the parts of the sonY N Eg on a pG \ C Hiano roll display
  • Export MIDI parts that you have traced from th3 5 pe audio
  • Export the chord analysis as MIDI tracks