vielklang is a plug-in instrument for instant audio harmonization. vielklang generates up to fourG q 6 B H ` q * E voiceN a ^ V @ c L Is from a single-voiced audio input. The progression of each individual voice is control\ ) ^ 5 Y Yled by sophisticated har1 = P 5 G 0mony progression and voice leading models, resulting in musically meaningful harmon\ j \ Lization without any configuration effort.

With vielklang musicians can easily generate and prototype natural-sounding backgroun9 @ nd vocals and brass sections, mC f ?odify melodies aF 6 Z E n Ynd single-voiced loops in terms of pitchl ~ N u : and scale7 l . L m u e [, and experiment wiW y q )th va8 ] H 0 Y k ] @ Brious harmonizations or chords triggered by different MIDI-inputs. It allow\ & M ( 2 Y !s the user to syn\ 5 o V Othes: , \ 7 q 5ize up to four voicer R A g =s, eR a q K 6dit harmQ h ? @ m gonies and single pitches, and cod 7 ` q [ K \nvert audio to MIDI.

The four voices don’t simply move in parak Y t ) 1llel, their individual progression is controlled by a complete set of voicef m Y F l l K G F leading rules and sophisticated harmony progression models.a ) 8 # I v y ; This musical intelligence and knowledge lets the user focus entirel3 a Qy on musical issues, rather than technical or theoretical ones. vielklang hex Y [ V | klps to achieve musically meaningful results without having to bother about root note, scale, tuning frequency, harmony progression and voice leading.

Whi+ O y b / 7 A xle vielklang provides instant and meaningful results, experiW D J X 5 &enced users also have the option of changing harmonization paramer O # 8 l ! 6terA O B # 4 s – ks like the range (ambitus) orX [ D & distribution of the voices, mo9 1 H @difying6 n Y % * d root noto X + d ie and scale, editing single harmonies and changin– J eg individual pitches in each of t) F \ \ a _ J P 3he voices.

Main features:

  • Instant 4-voice harmonization of an4 N ty single-voiced audio input.
  • Integrated voice leading and harmon3 d 3 w L U B I Ey progression models, resulting in entirely natural-soP J S = u Q \unding automat) g , B zic harmonization.
  • One-click modifica# + K vtion of key scales and harmonies.
  • High quality, formant preserving, flexible pitch shifting.
  • Audio-toE t 0-MI9 T ^ g } r 8 fDI functionality for all voices.
  • Customizable user interfa{ h 5 * = R ^ ece.

zplane releases version 2.4.3 of the harmony plugin vielklang Instant Harmony V2.

  • (all) fixed : crash when original audio file couldn’t be loaded
  • (all) fixed : chords couldn’t be changed or reverted unexpectedly

vielklang InstanG 3 j w & tt Harmony V2.4.3 is availabl\ / U le for AXX , VST (Mac OS X, Windows) and Audio Units. For all registered users, the online update to vers* [ g # 5 uion 2.4.3 is free of charge!