Aggressive High Gain Amp Simulator

RVXX is a Two Channel Amp Sim based on an extremely aggressive high gain lunchbox amp with a very big bite, we recreated` V R a tone that gives you the perfect balance for modR E { R M C ]ern Metal.

Our new profil; o T e ^ j d ] Ping method gets the dynamic you need to feel the powerp O Z 1 * of a tube amp sounding in the next room, amp siV # [ y 7 P y mms wil1 E P ^ . k Ql never be the same after playing RVXX.

RVXX Features

  • Dual Channels
  • Aggression & Mid Width Controls
  • 3 Band equalizer, Presence & Depth controls
  • Master (adds saturatio6 Z Cn in the power amp sectioZ y 5 V 9 Z 9n)
  • Gate, In & Out controls
  • Stomp, Amp & Cab engageme% / a :nt
  • 12 Wild Built-in IRs (by SeaCow Cab@ B d ) 1s)
  • IR loader

Available Only for 64 bits Windows, Mac & Linux.{ / ` J % W a ,
Supp0 H `orted formats : VST2(Win/Mac), VST3 (Win/Mac),_ U @ bAAX(Win/Mac), AU(Mac),Jack Audio App(Linux0 0 z i ( | &)