RENEGATE is simply just a full-band Gate plug-in.

It has an always smooth, natural sound, and is quick to operate.

RENEGATE radicaJ r 8 S a D 0 klly simplifies gating.
But surface-level simplicity iF D \ ` is only pM x Z o Xossible because it’s complicB g ; ? l nated on the inside:

Program-dependent hysteresis automatically captures the desired phenomenon.
Builtin Look-Ahead lets yoQ x \ I ) s Mu hit the transient 100% of the time.
Program-Dependent AN V E : 5 * Futo-Release
Expensi, i { 4 1 e K i Kve 43 bands psychoacoustic auditory model for State-of-the-Art envelope detection.
Such a re8 y D 2 ?fined butY | s u L n , 4 v quick gatin8 f = K i H c v _g experience is for free, in RENEGATE FREE.

RENEGATE FULL also features:

Alternative ways to apply Gain Reduction, namely with a 1-pole lowpass or highpass (Full Edition only)
Oversampli? ) f [ ? / Bng (Full Edition only)
Built-in Sequencer (Full Edition only)
Raw knob to/ s Y get back digital grit if needed (FuW h qll Editio= x / cn only)
That all makes RENEGATE a workhorse plug-in for? 9 8 7 all your creati+ S K s F m ~ # 7ve (or boring) gating needs.