Music enthusiasts are constantly looking for specialized software solutions that can help them come upq \ [ ] with innovative sounds and create great tunes. Th; D N K f O kose who often wo2 f | ( ` G ]rk with MIDI files can rely on Syb \ 7 s { x C / FnthFont to manage their files and to render audio tracks, as soon as a Sx ` HoundFont is loaded.

Powerful playback utility for MIDI files

The user interface might seem a lL % m z m yittle overwhelming( p | to novicG ) . 2 4 M %es, since it comes packed with a flurry of functions and features, so you might need to take sog [ – p _ ? P q #me time to discover each of them so as to get the most out of your tracks.

You can start by opening an existing MIDe D @ K , * – :I or arrangement fileU v O w D \, such as MID, MIDI, RMI, KAR, SFARR or S2ARR.

If you prefer to create a new ph T I T \roject from scrA + @ E w q 2atch, you] b ( s \ $ q H \ first need to specify the initiaQ ] * ! Fl nb p n I r 5 c 3 Fumber of tempo tracks you want to add, then choose the MIDI progra8 * Om you prefer.

Handy editing functions for your MIDI projects

Once the file you are inY . 7 U D T S 3terest$ { y E 5 ved in is loaded withh w _ 4 q ! 0in SynthFont, you can start editing its notes, while keeping in mind that you can only process the ones from the active track – howe` s z 8 x 4 4ver, you can simply double-click a notK / \ / Q Be to+ @ O make its track active.

From this point on, you gain access to a wide range of features that are best understood if you experiment with each of them, especially if you are not famil7 R ? V 0 Viar with the terms.

For example, you can modify the number of beats and the tick fractions, as well as the standard length, the vertical and horizontal zoom orJ F K the melodic scale configuration.

Reliable and feature-packed MIDI procesj S _ ] # wsors

All in all, SynthFont comes in hanm P s p = c Z J 3dy to all those who want to finetune their MIDI tracks, then load a corresponding SoundFont and listen toh \ 6 ; e _ the output. It supports numerous types of source files, so it c0 R 6 Can be adapted to many uses.

New features:
– SynthFont2 now c– = ;ome} p t & es in two flF X g s ` s U Vavours: a 32 bit versE ? , ~ s ~ \ion (the “old” SynthFont2) and a 64 bit version (the new SynthFont2x64). Both versions are able to use VST ph X E n z N i ,lugins of any architectu0 8 ure. The 64 bit version can use 64 bit plugins natively and 32 bit plu0 % egins through the included VST Bridge (Si z 2FVSo 9 – t M 9 L iT32b z u | e [ mTO64| G L w Y s % ] Z). The 32 bit version can use 32 bib ^ ~ , * / N b Ht plugins natively and 64 b( o { N 3it plugins through another VST Bridge (SFVST64TO32).