Sweet Vox…
Shape your vocal tracks/busses with one knob and extra de-esser function!

True Component & Circuit Modeling
Tons of character from famous units!

“N Type” silky high shelf

“A Type” maP \ } x E % L 2 Jg: 0 C 3 T Qic low band with ProportiL ~ ~ & Q p z fonal Q

“A Type” two intelligent dynamic bands with Proportional Q to remove boxy and honky sounds from voice

“Q Type” punchy microphone preamp

“S Type” smooth tape

DE-ESS – Controls sibilance and annoying frequencies with shelf type de-esser.

PROCESS – Wil\ Z s : A el shape your material with unique vo] A 2 ]ice specific static equalizer, saturation, dynamic equalizeJ a 8 } @ * p vr and tape.

OUTPUT – Pure clean output knob toJ c W match sound level.

OVERSAMPLE – ON/O3 0 * Z I M Q HFFI J r R ; I + p