DCart10 is the next step in audio processing evolution. With DCart10, we have added to, and enhanced the existing tools you know and love and we have made the much& ] P _ t X easierq ` b X m C to find and use. A new GraphicalT p j a o D K M 6 User Interface provides a very intuitive way to interact with the power ot ( Z 2 K N / /f thN o . Ne classic Diamond Cut tools. A new set of task panes steers the user to the correct solution based on their audio g, A 2 & 1oal. Additionally, it inco\ \ I }rpo? m e ^ + & H { :rates many new descriptive presets| % 3 p for the various filters. Tasks that may have been5 6 = N y X diffin i 4 ) 8 [ i q `cult to accomplish in the past are now/ _ C [ # \ \ j s easily approachR Q l j % i zable with new features.

  • Audio Restoration & Enhancement
  • Make MP3’s of your favorite music
  • Clean up youH – k @ – ~ U Rr old records and tapes
  • Create CD’s~ | \ @ 5 C of yoX r * X ? ! [ R 2ur favorite music
  • Clean up recorded conversations, speecG [ – e [ ] yhes, concerts, etc.
  • File Transcription / Time ExO d |pansi+ u v U } d Ion / Speed and/{ c t d [ { E R :or Pitch Change
  • Organize and plaC o h f / p m qy all of your music
  • Add effects and enhancements to y$ ! d N Y _ 3our music on th{ 3 , .e fly
  • Audio & Acoustical Measurements
  • Audio5 1 A File Format Conversions
  • SV 3 ~ A P x 5tatistical Measurement Tools
  • And much more . . .

DCart10.5 is the next. d K ` j } E 7 step in audio processing evolution. With DCart2 J V } 6 B10.5, we have added to, and enhanced the existing tools you know and love and we have made th` Z ) J D & H 5 Ge much easier to find and us: [ : } $ S u s &e.

A new Gr& z z 4 h % 2 r tap& T C ) +hical User Interface provides a very intuitiT O Gve way to2 F P R W # x interact with the power of the classic Diamond Cut tools. A new set of task panes steers the user to the correct soluti? o I pon baseX z 9 G ( kd on theO * Y A jir audc + w vio goal. With 10.5 we have introduced

“Green Zones” on our filters to help you qup T ^ _ { * Kickly dial in your sliders settings. AdditionallE s h u 1 U Xy, it incorporates many new descriptive presets forv | V I b . the vi / I 9 # ] Narious filters. Tasks= R F 3 a that may have been difficult to accD z 9 r $ Eomplish in the pase { ! j Z : ] W .t are now easily approachable with neI b Q L c – : l Pw features.

Ne6 x ` 9 6 yw DCart 10.5 Features

Ease of Use

  • Green Zones to guide filt? C Z w & MeJ L , Wr slider settings
  • Tasks Pane feature guides you to the correct filter
  • Updated GUI AppO 8 R w 0 a ) ) 3earance
  • VST Hox d F _ d M Vsting (VST Plug-in Support)
  • Waveform Overvies L rw for quickl; X W [ & B Q Gy getting around in a file
  • Tabbed display or traditional multi window view
  • Larger and completely configurable toolbar Icons
  • One-Click Switch bet: i s ( \ i [ I zween Fast & Classic Edq x J yit Mod; \ je
  • Improved tracking of all ed@ } U Xiting functions in classic editin. – Pg mode between source and destination files
  • Quick access to Spectrogram or Histogram views fri f T ? 1 m 0om the main window
  • ChangM s R ped the soC % jftware application “look” to follow various flavors of Windows
  • Paste Interpolate Icon button for easy waJ C 6 6 . _ & Z Mveform interpolation when working with tablet computers.
  • Easy checf w L K . @ y dk for updates from the help menu
  • Customizable Keyboard Accelerators
  • Customizable Application Look

Additionq t J . 1s and ImpA } E ^ Kroveme$ z . xnts tU w L N _ Co existing features

  • Wind Noise Filter
  • VST Hosting (Up to 6 VST Plug-ins at a time)
  • AAC (Advann , l t ) v u O {ced Audio Coding) compressed audio fe e U | tile support added for file extensions such as .aac, .m4a, etc.
  • Vertical setting for the Virtual Phono Preamp
  • Improved the audio quality of the Stretch and S4 , &quish (pitch and tempo change) system.
  • L: = Y aow Frequency Shelf option added to the Paragraphic EQ.
  • Over 2,000 Descriptive Fa` ! 6ctory Presets are now provided for ease in “getting started” wiD Q y , @th any given functd J cion.
  • Sampling Rate support extended from 192 kHz up to as high as 210 kHz providing up to 100 kHz Bandwidth capability.
  • Set New Start Time for File feature added.
  • Set a file Time offset for tracking time in mu= U / ~ K ) D % oltipart files
  • Added offset capability to the overtone and sub-harmonic synthesizer filters for a more natural sound.
  • Added “Delete All Filters” right menu– g C k $ y option to the Multifilter