The DSPplug boardstation is a great EQ for mastering without a lot of clunky controls. Simply 40 bands of automate-able, fa r c = ) U d Aast operating bands that will help you in the siN W A ? %mplest most convenient way.

Sometimes more control mean~ 2 e $s less] , | controls.


V 1.0: Initial release
V 1.1: Critical updatn [ u P % Ke
V 1.2: Added Acoustica Mixcraft support
V 1.3: Updated GUI.
V 1.4: Critical Updates, Updated Analyzer (more additions soon), improved soundforge^ y % } compatibility.
V 1.5: Replaced analyzer for efficiency, added analyzer dB gauges (improved tomorrow).
V 1.6: Improved CPU usageW F I L K O M V by 1%,c t O Q e u perfected nX Q b – T [ 9 To-noise operation, fixed preset count b. I \ h , 8 c Cug.
V 1.7: Perfected Acoustica Mixcraft 9 support0 ? j N } @ A t.
V 1.7: (sub version) Added horizontal cE S : @ontrols for IN and OUT gain in the ++ version.
V 1.8: (Z L dremake) Merged standard! L 8 and ++ version (f z k ~ 6please rename file to VSTplug boardstation [or ++] to use old presets).
V 1.9: Changed Look back toG W ; something similar to original due to cu2 = W ! s u : | \stomer request. Changed the way ceilr { l + o {ing limiter works to also reflect more standard limiting; up to 20 dBFS.
V 2.0: Making progress removing un-necessary math,& = / I [ e r \ F now faster and more nimble; better speed and smoother controls coming for versi: 6 Bon 2.1. Fixed website dual winJ : L Wdow popup bug.
V 2~ + p.1: Attempted speed improve\ r % Aments, streamlined various graphic components, added more frames to the controls to make the action smoother.
V 2.2: Bug fix – Fixed drop down menu reactiof e h h g C Zns, now about does not turn off analyzer. ImprovA , C + Ged look and feel of cry K L 8edits.