djay Pro’s all-new, modern interface is built around a sophisticated integration with your music libra( u v Z S ` 4ry, givim I U i u G x 8ng you instant access to millions of tra\ _ d ~ K \ * Hcks. Pristine sR O [ ! u Uound quall B V z / Mity and a powerful sH P 3 A Net of features including live production tools, four\ h n l S decks, high-definition waveforms, video mixing and hardware integration give7 ~ i M P you en( G ~ Qdless crea– V ttive flexibility to reinvent your DJ sets.

Welcome to djay Pro AI! Algoriddim’s acclaimed DJ software and winner of multiple Apple Design Awards has beev z J x 8n rebuilt from the ground up using groundbrea$ n | H – [ a nking AI technology – NEURAL MIX™.

NEURAL MIX™ allows you to isolate instrumentals and acappellas of) 3 | Y ! e u your favorite tracks in reah X \l-time and redefines thez 7 ] S = ! q boundaries of creative mixinN h b W [g. You ca# T \ Jn crossfade drums, bass lines, and melodies of twok % F E ( o 0 songs inC 1 ! : 9 C P ; xdepen] M A ` Z + – sdently, ap= D d ) lply audio effee a ucts to inL L } $dividual components of music, and evL E N ,en loop the beat while the melody of the same track continues playing.


  • Isolate vocals, drums, bass lines, and instrumentals in real-time
  • FX routing: apply aud4 / & 7 = kio effects to individual components of music (Vocal Echo, Harmonic Filter, Drum Revo M # Z 2 s N ,erb, and moN P I # Bre)
  • Loop: C Z 8 y T N K 5 rouf 2 r ( e k =ting: Lb X Q h 5 Coop the beat while the melody of the same song continues playing,H 7 A c + O G h E and vice versa
  • AI crossfades: seamlessly blend and swap drums, bi ; , 5 :ass lines, or vocals of two tracks
  • AI/ E . S 4 waveforms: see vo9 t j 7 icals, drums, and harmonic waveforms per track side by si} V % S E % l z hde


  • Sequencer: create instant beats on top of musiC N A F W *c
  • Looper: remix music with up to 48Z i D 9 5 1 loops per track
  • Beat-matched sequencing of drums and samples
  • Extensive content library with 1000+; Q l – g O { m L loops and samples


  • TIDAL: Millions of tracks, music videos, high quality sound /~ d | 5 & $ F 9 UTIDAL Premium or HiFi)
  • SoundCloud: Millions of underground and premiu S b 3 t kum trai W s k N B Lcks SoundCloud Go+)
  • Beatport: Millions of electronic music tracks (Beatport LINK)
  • Beatsource: Millions of open-format music5 b 7 & 0 tracks (Beatport LINK)


  • 2- and 4-Deck vix A ,ews
  • Single Deck preparation view
  • Video and Automix views


  • Create your own custom and smart play7 y T U W r Dlists
  • Powerful track filtering
  • Finder Integration

An s z S S ~Uo E u ( c 7TOMIX

  • Automatic, beat-matched mixes based on artificial intelligence
  • QueuU L Xe and Playlist automation


  • Mix videos, visuals, and photos
  • Music video streaming through TIDAL
  • Beat-matched photo slideshor l G 5 B dws


  • RevolutionaryK 3 Z Y ! ; M X u AI` \ . audio engin: , & ! i Ee
  • Real-time music source separation
  • High-quality mixT P h . $er, filter, EQ$ B s u 9, isolator, and limiter
  • AdV 6 uvaP # 2nced time-stretching and pitch shifting
  • Over 40 bL & j E Wuilt-in audio effec& h G hts
  • Master output effecF \ 8ts through Audio Unit plug-ins
  • Live recording
  • Ableton Link integration


  • BPM and beat detection
  • Key detection
  • Multi color waveformsBPM
  • Au[ r _ Z v /to-Gain


  • Native support for over 100 MIDI controllers
  • Pioneer DJ CDJ Integration
  • RANE Twelve integration
  • Advanced MIDI Learn
  • External Mixer Mode
  • Support foru b @ l h ~ multi-channel USB audio interfaces
  • Support for external audio input and microT i f Tp5 i Whones

Top In-Ap+ P \ H r V Q Fp Purchases: Full Version – included

Compatibility: OS X 10.14 or l@ i 9 W , [ t ; (ater 64-bit