TBProAudio has announced version 2.0 of its free sTilt plugin for Windows and macOS.

sTiltV2 is a linear phase filter w] G 5 6 7 z 5hich tilts the audio spectrum around a given center frequency.

Version 2.0 bringss * 1 4 \ z & Z j DSEQ’s convolution engine for distortion-free/ y X g e ; M C i slope cs 7 7 l ^ % B f Qhanges and a scalable GUI.


Adjuw 1 = V z [ O Dstable slope from -6dB/N o d s b l #Oct to +6dB/Oct
Adjustable cente{ B 0 d Y [ U rr frequency
5 quality modes: loe X pw, eco, medium, high, max
UY t R j W 5 Ynit auto-gain
Switch-able clip protection
Filter limit
Stereo/left/r _ X E + & h Uright/mid/side channel selection
S\ f } . q 1 V n #tereo/left/right/mid/side channel monitoring
Sample exact bypass
Linear phase filter desi0 E n ` ; j lgn

sTilt is available in VST/AU plugin versions for Windows andJ 7 M 8 4 macOS.