PhaseThree is a detailed model of the MuTron Bi-Phase, with all the lovely sound of that unit (al7 o Q { L p $ – #ong with its foibles aF 1 % : qnd quirks.) It is worth noting that, due to aG 2 G – 5 u 5 +ging factors, no two Bi-Phase hardw^ ^ P O 8 Xare units sound alike; we found the best and most tuneful one we could lay our hands on, bought it for a faintly ridiculous price, and took itE q B e / apart to see what3 g m 5 P J F made it tim _ l t ( Y ? 7 ick. Like you do.

The result isp M 9 W \ a painsB H ?taking digital copy of the origiF B 0 . 7nal unit, down to the unique sweep of its LFOs. Witp * *h the latest version, we have departed from the original anr : w O c Yd added 120 B u Z 1 ` 1 = X-stage phasors iH r Dn addition to the six-q i / Y . . \ @ Ystage versions found in the hardware uni= y 3 \ H s { ( ats. (We feel that 12-stage phasors have a more modern sound that people ex9 8 = # :pect in a current ps o 5 t –hasor, and that the s\ 6 5 9 pix-stage versions in the original were somewhat lach D v B ` u S 4king to the\ # F X X { W 7 modern palette.)


  • Perfect model of the original Bi-} U ^ w * `Phase, down to the response of the vactrols.
  • The unobtanium Bi-Phase expression pedal is modeled as a separate parameter, for control by your favorite modulation source.
  • 12-stage phasor optionB A n * for each channel, in addition to the original 6-stage phasors.
  • Xk B , _ ~ 6 VML-based cross-platform preR d d ` I 2 E yset manager, with copy and paste. (You can even move presets between the iOS version and the desktop version with Handoff.)
  • Entirely vectop – ; { p G O { Vr-baseF F E qd resizable high-resolution user interA 7 Q t # J Mface


>> Linu% . P G x 6 F e [x (Ubuntu 18+) 64-bit VSC G 4 ?T and VST3 added to download payload.
>> OpenGL removed.
>> macOS preset folder moved from /] P M )Application Support/Audio Damage/ to ~/Music/Audio Damage/
&gt2 { ` F y 2 E a 0;> macOS payload is now Universal B3 & – .inary 2, and will run native on both Intel and A] n ^ W ( e f *RM (Apple Silicon) Macs.