LVC-Meter 1.0.8
-updated September 29, 2020-
Meter: LVC style

LVC-Meter is a free plugin that builds on all of the metering features of Toned-MAX, Limited-Z, and Clipp 8 m ^ } X l Kped-5 8 W zMAX. ThiY d R l P p j – ;s may be nothing new, but there might be times when you need the LVC style meters but not all of the other plugin features.

Beyond Basic

LVC-MeterJ 4 4 { , G : y includes a spectrum anaW C P . : S v Ulyzer, stereo vectn M ^orscope, and a waveforj f 6 L #m historZ K x 7 L W 7 zy view. All of the meters utilize true-p= ` qeak monitor\ : , 8 Z x h \ing, X y { + for deter$ b dmining intersample peak levels (K X h . Ki.e., “overs”). In addition, LVC-Meter functions in EO S N j Z f $BU mode, K~ : /-System metering, and standard dBFS mode.

Just Because

Why have a meter plugin that monitors stereo. Z n H r E and true-peak levels without having the am \ = C P 0 d @ +bility to adjust things Good question, andU , @ k . d : LVC-Audio agrees. LVC-Meter includes three simple but valuable controls: GAIN, BALANCE, and WIDTH. BoA i 0 h * Y S } %th the GAIN and BALANCE controls have extra fine settiu 0 T O k Xngs accessible by ri3 c . 5 X 5ght-clia D U y | ocking on the knobs. These extra settings allow for precise gain and balance adjustmk g tent. Perfect for a final gain stage.


Adjustable true-peak level for visualizing overs
Res_ b % )izable interface
User configi A y Wurable colors
Configurab9 e ) t J 2le spectrum analyz\ % v ! @ s ~ ~ yer settingY c L Xs (e.g., window type, fft size, overlap)
FloatDither: 32-bit dithering based on Chris’s work at Airwindow{ { = @ 4 J psV ] h v g 1 (
X6 G ] zML-based preset system for saving, importing, and eJ ^ n i oxporting user presets
System Requirements and SpecK W z ` .ifications

Windows: VST, VST3, and AAX plugin formats. LVC-Meter requires Windows Vis( D ! , h xta, Windows 7, or Windows 8 machines with a pro! F N 4 Jcessor that supports SSE2 (AMD or IntJ o t } 3 Zel processor fro8 3 mm around 2004 or later). An iLok de_ P ` 2vice is required to use the AA. 6 d A Z #X format.
OS X: AU, VST, VST3, and AAX pl2 ` Eugin formats. LVCh G r ` A W x z x-Meter requires OS X 10.8 or later, and an Intel Core2Duo processor (or better). An iLok device is required to use the A& [ K ~AX format.
Download LVC-Meter and user manu_ u mal (still in development)

– Version 1.0.8

Fix AAX issue with resizing
Save GUI size for each preset
Improved oversampling with AVX2 CP& g TUs (Haswell and newer) on WindQ : Jows – impacts ISP detection and metering
– Version 1.0.7

Fix compatibility with Acustica plugins
Improve speed of resizing
Improy $ ) \ Lv& . I x ( , 3 Ke preset controls on OS X
– Version 1.0.6

SigS C D s H @nificant improvee V Z y Gment with image resampling by replacing bilinear with AVIR (https://s L 1 R ! P from Aleksey Vaneev from Voxengo
Adding hover-overU \ 3 ] Q indicators for most controls
Fix resizing with certain hosts and VST format, as well as improvI B wing display on smaller screens
CPm 7 f 4 $U usage improvements
– Version 1.0.5

Add magnitude display in spectrum analyz@ ~ x y 0 [ 1er (configurable via XML config file)
– Version 1.0.4

Minor fixes and tweaks
Frequency display in spectrum anag 5 ; S Olyzer (left click)
Fixed moveable controls being dragged off screen
– Version 1.0.3