With Just 2 clicks Drip turns your rough melody ideas into beautiful sounding inflectij c J D ( \ons. Sto= B w l b x f ) bp KILLING your inspiration with mindless bU 3 S ~ j B e &lending & adding tons of effects to try toM p b S } R z F ] get the sound you want. Just choose one of our presets, turn the “Overall” knob to the amount you desire, and keep creating!!

The Perfect Flavor for ANY Sound
Mix, Match and randomize 24 hanf ^ } d ! ud tailored presets to give you the sound you NEED INSTANTLY without any know, j # A q K X |ledge of mixing (so you don’t need to waste years learning how to manipulate sounds).

Unlimited Pb n y Q c ] l Oossibilities
WJ q ;ith a simple user interface, anyone can pick up Drip aE K m h V ! +nd use it to its full capabilities… But don’t worry, every knob can be customized to get the PERFECT sound you desire!

Streamline your workT ~ T wflow with just a couple clicks so you can ST/ { _ vOP worrying about spending hours trying to get sounds to blend together aU B l Hnd you caD G ^ q B y 4n s+ y t 1 Dpenh X q \ a 9 4d more time doing what y\ c [ 7 (ou do best. Stay ip U S 8 V z N nnspireC H 5 5 – Kd. Keep Creating.