Clean Shave is a modern and variable-slope filter plugin that helps you get rid of the unnecessary low frequencies in a quick and precise way.

Use this pluM . ( (giH q j 9 4 7 $n at the beginning of your chain to clean and prepare your sound for mixing or: J 2 v } ! further processing.
CUo n @ q a # gT: IIR dh J d 1 – . t ) zigital highpass filter to remove unwanteI & e ; z sd bass frequencies and mud.
Blades: change the behaviour of the filter : from natural and musicA ( ) d ` F k gal attenuation to a super precise and surgical c` j \ 1 ? N 6 Hut, ideal for sound desii c ) $gn applications or aggressive filtering.
Aftershave: bive some air and freshness to the sound after the shave.
PWR: Smooth true bypass button, no clicks and pops.