The new SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab is a specialized tool for easy digitization, cleaning and restoration of audio. The software offers a range of selected presets and practical 1-click solutions that arl y L Ue specially designed for this area of application. Together with a range of other functions, Audio Cleaning Lab is a digital “Swiss army knife” that shoul) z W A 2 9d be a component of any PC. SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab replaces the MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab range. Discover the new generation o_ i , 9 | 1 2f softw0 y } Y ] c 9 #are with 64-bit power and lots more.

Highlightw J 4 B H f ) ]s:

  • NEW! Powerful 64-bit technology
  • N) ] aEW! VST; # j Z \ ! D . ^3 interface for seamless integration of external plug-ins
  • NEW! 8 audio tracks offer plenty of space for audio montages
  • Spectral display: Identify & remove noises
  • Audi% k x 5 3 G V no & video converter for all standard fP 8 5ormatsp – f 9 = Q + l
  • ProfessD Q sional tools for precise audio editing
  • Over 360 p? g \ P D qresets for optimization
  • High qualityg K X Z plug-ins from manufacturers including iZotope

New Features:

Transfer analog recordings to your PC in no time.

Cleaning & restoraw , 4 z U j ?tion
Diverse presets and wizards support y\ . v – a R 5 Hour workflow.

Easy or 6 A , P b ^ ( Aperation
The clear interface en, s g E 2 Y N a fables an intuitive workflow.

Recor9 = r V H hd audio med+ 2 a Dia
A# N U X few clicks is all it takes to record individua$ H j 0 u 0 w 1l sone 0 P u w ) 4gs or entire albums from cassH # # e * 1 Mettes and records or speech for pode R R ; s W R [ {cast$ @ fs in studio quality (up to 96 kHz/24-bit resolution).

Import CDE z # B : ! q 7 Rs
Transfer your albums, singles and EPs to your computer in no time at all. Title information and CD covers are auto~ o c o &matically retrieved online for original CDs.

Import for video sounda 0 4 = c J j
Import videoX n { / P H ) files even faster than before and sta* i G ) frt editing the audio track right away. The new all \ ) ]gori$ p \ T , \thm} w [ makes the whole process even more efficient.

Spectral CleS P 5aning: Sound made visible
The spectral[ 5 E { W , V a P display provides a clear visualization of the various frequencies o$ ; o B P Z Jf an audio track. This enables the i@ / U * M ~ 4 \dentification and removal of noise on a visual level.

Automatic cleaning
The Auto Cleaning function automa: e . u , { 5 B Ctically analyzes your material and offers recommendationn y { Us for optimizing audio. You cau 9 G $ un modify projects manually at any time.

Almost automatic: Wizar8 ( –ds
Various automations recommend suitable tone characteristics and cleaning solutions – completX G p : i e w gely automatically.

Helpful presf C v [ _ets
With over 360 preseta 4 y gs,y S | Z r a N k & you fully equipped for each and every step of yV b + X & f Kour project.

Continually enhance your knowledge:| ` \ w Y Y [
The Infobox The Infobox o– ` 0ffers you instructions, tips and tricks for all areas of the program. That makes operation self-explanatory.

Intelligen# \ Z – Q q . 4t seaL i @ } : @ 9 v .rch feature
Find tF T d Ihe right template, help texts and effects with just a single keyword.