Indonesian developer Mooni DSP has announced the release of Mooni Wider, a free VST plugin for Windows.

The man behind Mooni DSP is Jevri Merdi, mixing & mastering engM Y * j + Aineer, producer, songwriter/composer, an* I [ f W Y m / 3d vocalist from Indonesia. He collaborated with many Indonr \ + a B E ~ *es4 q [ian artists such as Tata Janeeta, Once Mekel, Liza Adif K n N ptya, Maia Estianty, Rocket Baby, etc.

Mooni WR F c 1ider is his first effect plugin and is a free filter and steM ; – B ? # Q treo widener/ enhancer plugin. Jevri says his plugin widens the stereo field of: ) \ ! V any track, plus the mic A s / T V d Vx will be clearer with more dimension.

Tz k M z c : R I Mhere’s a video demonstratio{ O X 0 qn but is in Malay. However, musica @ ` is a universal language, so I am sure you’ll understand something:

There are three sections:

XY FiltT ~ T ; 3 C o q Zer control: LPF/HPF filter and pannin! 6 u – 2 z . ;g withy w ` K Z z frequency control and solo LR control – adds co? w 1 ? P slor and dimension to your track.

Wide control: makes your stereo track either superh O t w k W } 4 O wide or mono with auto gain control.

Ana\ ` ! Wlog8 G A e P VU meter: single analog VU meter with display control for input or output, plus gain adjusta# E –ble with calibration control.

MooI l | i D ; Oni Wider is av– u ( G P ) 2 v Jailabl9 [ w Q 7 H 8 4e in VST3 plugiF i 3 Q # % b Pn format for Windows only. In order to install it, extract the ZIP* 3 r c u file, then cope @ ; j Vy “x ) { 2 ! 7 i –Mooni_Wider.vst3” to “C:\Program Files\Common% S 4 Files\VST3”. The lastv W $ step is t] T A K |o scan the plugin into your DAW.