We’re now proud to announce DC Forensics 10 This powerful Forensics software producN C # : ! 4 6t has all of the power previous vu # P A 1 E Aersions of DC LIVE/Forensics but with some major new feature_ 2 . % v q K x ss!Y B c z & f You’ll st` @ ) M h \ j l pill have the best odds on the planet of pulling a voice out of the recording muck.

Explore rich editing optionr R f S ts
You can add markers and labels, change the gain of highlighted areasJ K 8, apply a& ) E H Y m s p fade in and out effect, or edit the W{ 5 &ave header when it comes to the format tag, sample rate, number of channels, bit depth, block alignment, and average bytes/second.
The software application also lets you change the file’s sample rate, resolution, conversion quality and dithering mode, staE 6 n i ^ Drt a recording based on the time of day, create test sig, : c snal wave files, convert a stereo file into twoP R 8 5 r % . mono files or vicF M t X le versa, as well as import and export presets to shJ \ M hare with other users (e.g. averaging, bandpass, blender, compressor, continuous noise, declipper, dynamics, echo, enhancer).

A wide range of filters, effects and forensic tools
A batch file editor lets you run a filZ X _ter on multiple files at once, suci u T Dh as auto-leveling or big click. Wh. } } 8 2 5at’s more, you can clean up a track by a[ m M :djusting the scratch, crackle, hiss and humming levels, create a multi-filter from indil { Z ,vidual fr K C @ ^ = G s lilters, manage virtual phoz = h P \ ^ qto preamp settings, run DirectX plugins, as well as remoh | { [ B ( Pve clicks, pops, large cliJ D V Z l h : 1 [cks, harmonicala g I o 7 z w B Fly rich noise, and selected frequencies.
As far as effects are concerned, you can add realistic reverb and punch, adjust multi-tap echo and tone control[ % d 3 ; G ms (level, exciter, bass, mids, treble), simulateL 3 X g = tube sounds throuX ; l t f N Pgh a virtual valve amplifier, tweak a dynamics processor, expander and nG c c [ f 7oise gate, make the track play backw} _ D w X A Fards, combine the lp u _ [ % * y V beft and right channels,{ Q w F W n 7 X 7 increase or decrease sp` ) Z Qeed, change the[ : B c C b time and pitch, and so on.
Forensic tools include lowpass, hiK & yghpass, bandpass and bandstop filters with very sharp edges, a spectrogram viewer with frequency v2 6 ` L / E `ersus time, along with a declipper for remo[ – R n | X Zving clips from distorted files.
It’s possible to quantize tracks for audi` / B ; * I Y Fo CDs, chop files into pieces, find and mark silent passages, normalize gain t[ + : ] [ _o 0dB,8 # Y % 6 G z s 3 perform gain normalization with scaling, burn a6 @ F ) 6 J Dudio CDs or data dg ) y & M ; Q !iscs, as wel& g U s l + N ] gl as rip tracks fr9 \ z Aom audio CDs.

Evaluation and conclusiO U L = = ^ ~on
No error dialogs popped up in our tests, and the app didn’t hang or crash. It used low CPU and low-to-moderate RAM but it sometimese v b ! h [ carried out simple tasks slow\ i , v K K ! 8ly, like changing the main window’s position on the screen.
Taking everything into account, Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory proves to be a reliable and resourceful applicatioh ~ Z p )n for analyzing, restoring al 7 m G 6 g n }nd enhancing audio tracks, and it should meet the requirements of most experienced users.

New Features:

  • Free 1 Year Tech Support!
  • VST Hostingd R p a u (n ) c a K IVST Plug-in Support2 | 3 G !) Added It’s finally here! No youx p = ^ d P can incorporate dozens of filters made by other companies directly DC Forensic 10. The can be used like other DC filterT L h u 0s, and they can even be used in the multifilter!
  • Forensics Audio Whisper Enhancer Filter added (including 15 factor3 ! g 7 Ly presets)Thi5 o S A 5 } ? us is much morx x C 5 l q \e thang l E R S # u u a tricked out expander. The newQ Z U g V p B P Whisper Enhancer takes a completely novel approv u E Nach to digging out these quiet signals that drive you crazy. It’s especially useful for otherwise decent quality recordings that have not suffered fromY h P u G / ( several rounds ofn \ ] \ , a$ ! w 4 . # ! NggressivS 2 .e compression.
  • Subsonic Explorer This new tool presents the operator with a clear indication of energy at 30Hz and below and allow him or her to correlate its presence to the time domain waveforQ q d # .m. This can be very useful in certain\ \ W * M authenticity studies, especially ones that invoice analog edits.
  • Added a Forensics HistogrG $ Y B % Dam Comparator
  • Forensics Au* + xto Silence Chop-Oue \ ) v r U M [t function This is great for those hours long surveillance recordings where 90% of it is silence. With this new tool, you just( Q { G O T B n E define the level of sound ye 3 ` 3 N \ou want to keep and the program automatically marks all those silent py U K X %assae d ; \ j 7 $ p Fges. It will remove them too and product a CSV file with the exact spots the sil! u B d p O 9 J vence was removed.
  • Spectral Frequencym W N f ] E , Tp 6 U I ] z sraX ) h \ 8 ` Xcking to aid in Audio Authentication
  • Low Frequen6 Z . K 4 Hcy ShelfG N e j W d | D q option added to the Paragraphic EQ


  • Surveillance Audio RecoH 4 r b c –rding
  • Forensics Audio Authentication, Voice-Printing, & Formant Analysis
  • File Transcription / Time] ! – O G W u . + Exp^ ~ 8 )ansion / Speed and/or Pitch Change
  • Audio Restoration & Enhancement
  • Audio Editing & Voice Garbling / Voice Disguising
  • Audio & Acoustical Measurements
  • Audio File Format C@ \ x + b W o l Jonversions
  • Statisticalw 4 D R E Measurement Tools
  • And, much more . . .