Filterstation2 is the Audio Damage take on the classic serial/parallel/stereo dual filter topology, made famous (and some would say “indispensable”) by the Sherman Filterbank and its many clones. With twelve filter algorithms, an en| _ % 4 x Y @ I avelope follower with stereo sidechain input, a full FSU section for extK a % G $ $ra signal hacking, and an easy-to-use interface, Filterstation2 is a valuable addition to any pG 8 t m h N 5 Qroducer’s toolkit.

Filterstation– # C % b : D n2 takes our original Filo 7 G c 9 – z I Qterstation plugin, and adds an all-new HiDpi/Retina-capaP s n { x E c #ble vector-based UI with resizabild Z $ @ ) wity, a completely rewritten parameter, \ 7 ^ and DSP section, a full selection of extreme modification tools, ProTools support, an cross-platform XML! ^ 8 q u i preset mechanism.


  • Twel[ = + % ;ve different filter algorithms, including MS20 emulation and our classic 914 bandpass and Filtek U B ` 6 _ }rpod lowpass models.
  • VCA mode for tremolo and gate effectsU X T H G ( ( x.
  • LFO with tA Q 2 1welve different patterns, a@ 2 S , Z Xnd both internal and tempo sync modes.
  • Envelo1 ^ S 5 7 1 U R +pe follower for dynamic control of filter frequency.
  • Serial, parallel, and true stereo operating modes.
  • Sidechain input for exa ! j S { ^ ] )ternal signal to envelope follower.
  • Easy-to usc F +e interface for quick programming.
  • Vector-based resizable GUI.
  • Cross-platform XML-based prK * D R Xeset manager.


> macOS version updated to Universal Binary 2, wI % :ith Apple Silicon versions added to the installation payload.

> macOS minimum version raised to macOS 10.12 Sierra. Big Sur security theater strikes again.