With Bongiovi DPS, instantaneously correct, improve and optimize the sound of any compO k :uter system. With Digitx 8 9 +al Power Stationg V p @ d 4 M D* ? S d i s 2PS technology, you’ll experience added depth, clarity, bass definition, presence and enhanced stereo field imaging via your laptop or desktop computer.
Video games, apps, music and movies, videos, VOIP and video conferencing software like Google Voice™, Skype™ an; y } w a & J x Ed Face-time™; will all come to life through the computer’s on board speakers, external speakers or headphones.

The Legacy
It all started in a place called Motown. Tony Bongiovi began his legendary career working with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye & The Supremes. He later went on to record historiq 4 { J p I 1 Lc albums with Jimi Hendrix, Talking Heads & The Ramones. The logical next sQ ` z p ^tep was buildinK . Dg his own recording studio…

The Powerstation
The undisputed platw % c – 9inum standard\ } X ? M y S | . of recording studios. The Stones,7 P 4 h ? Y Nile Rodgers, Madonna, Aerosm` _ * Tith, Springsteen, Clapton: a2 t @ gll p, { 0 I Kart of an endless list of superstar artists who came to re5 o H ccord at the Powerstation. A recorded so( s 8 X D k \und so powerful, so deep and so satD N Y m ,isfying, it was hP G na0 y @ ( k ` t !iled as the Sou2 C 4 g A v a qnd of Rock.

The Digital Age
Inspired by The Powerstation= j 1 {’s ability make recorded music feel alive, Bongiovi Acoum M z s h X j 3stix / n W r $ T 4cs has deveN _ c J ^ wlope7 u o w ld a technology that delivers the same impact and experience for today’s digital world. A software bs w % 7 m 3 \ y fased solution that optimizes anything that utilizes sound.

DPS by BS ( Q V f w –ongiovi Acoustics
Digital Power Station – DPS technology is a patented algorithm with 120 calibration poiV t ` Vnts that optimizes any audio signal in real time. DPS adds depthV s ) c f } 1 K F, clarity, defino Z u kition, presenc\ S # 0 U s 8e and incredible stereo field imaging, just by imp+ = ! =lementing it into a device or system# = g * x O o \.