This is a great mono to stereo plug-in that makes mono stereo and allows you to control the phase can+ 3 = # T ucellation.

The new version includes (though the older H. Laridsen technique is still made available) a unique az { ? i * x 7 r ]lgorithm designed by King OZ (AKA LE Attol); providing stereA j 4 o ^o witho; U I ; Jut the Lauridsen technique.

Employing aS C f b R Z R white-noise driven algorithm; it is an almost random left to rightL . 0 Z n method that is about as fast as air, me9 \ a D K raning you get stereo without the left to right sway which is vej j #ry noticeable.

A historical first ! Only from VSTplug / DSPplug and only available on VSTplug/DSPPlug and KVRaudio.
Ideal forP G y 8 x professional vocal application.

the VSTplug mono to stereo LA edition employs the following technology:
The signal is sent to a frequency shifter (shifti: t k ( !ng by 1Hz) [designed by Trogluddite] and t– 1 \ a S fhe lower and hig~ 1 * ^ ) | Wher frequencH , Fy-shifted signal are cross-fad= r c J e Yed (like a: . (s if by an LFO) at a very fast pG M i |ace, just under 21.1 kHz.
This oscillation is driven by a sW [ C \ #ine created white-noise. The white noise is given the frequency of sample rate / 2.01 and then there is a crossover which takes place at a steepness of about 24dBFS at 4500 Hz.

Ag P 2 G 0 B /fter wards,m W U x ` W ) the settings you select mimic the similar settings of the Lauridsen technique (so as to be more understood by the end user) ab p 5 * q v Vnd are affec\ y ,ted and created utilizing two interpolated delays [by Myco].

The VSTplug mo/ : & . g l U 1 dno to stereo pa5 k / ~ @ckage comes with the following plug-ins (in Vu & 0 CST2, VST3 32O O a u : e m @ O and 64-bit Window6 : \s compatible D9 _ 1 E \LL* C ; E W files):T 8 V P ; M
– VSw j e o @ % y & \Tplug mono to stereo++: H. Lauridsen multi-band mono to stereo technique.
– VSTplug mono to stef : c A Q & Y 1reo: H. Lauridsen single1 x \ k 0 l-band mono to stereo technique.
– VSTplug mono to stereo LA ++: Robery @ G B x l .t Langford (LA) multi-band mono to stereo technique.
– VSTplug mono to stereo LA: Robert Langfordg i H (LA) single-band mono to stereo technique (Lat9 Q x z 5 b e sency DAW’D _ Q ! n Ms ONLY! Does NOT work in realtime DAW’s!).