The VSTplug peak soft 79 is smooth, right down to the smallest peaks. It’s technology is sample accuratee \ E N s % r with any sample rate that smooths out any tiny peaking iny 1 N : Pstance. With the ceiling adjuster and t_ l ] t `he abilitk 5 \ ^ a * f Q py to choose when a peak will be rounde^ a % P od to a greater degree, tE , ` qhe peak soft allows you to mimic that smooth sound of an expensive microphone with expensive hardware built right in.

But please, dong X @ g !’t confuse this fo/ 8 + b P : f w Hr a peak reduction mechanism likej ) I v 8 p C that of the CLA comp} z ) R d =ressors by waves. This i9 c Os to reduce peaks on ms level,! K U X F P p 9 t[ V Ohe tiny little ones. You use this like RMS, to creat a smoothness that sounds a* S K a ` / k N bitt natural/u# X j m ] v y j 1n-natural. Maybe it helps to reduce distora * z * @t1 c # . ^ion hard to tell, but it sounds nice.