Painstakingly modeled behavior and recreation of the general ballistics of classic VU meters.

Contains three metering modes: VU, RMS a, U B X – _ I Snd PPm U = w M n JM DIN (Type I)

The RMS mode can be set to K-12, K-14 and K-20 scales and offers an integrated peak bargraph
The Meter ballistics are fully customizable. The VU even has a unique overshoot parameter.
VUMT offerD 4 \ I 0 { U 4 Zs dedicated trim conj p o t ) g Etrols to make gaO V ` e vin staging easy.
GUI-resizing and various options to hide the controls from the GUI an= S md show the meters only and/or a single meter display.
VUMT offers eight different skins to choose from.
An editable instance label is als: * h + & I w xo included= 4 ~ X ;.
In addition to allQ J } P 7 $ ^ W G the features of the standard vi Q T y ? * m Qersion VUMT deluxe offersA | ^ more metering types (BBC, DIN8 o 7 ] Y, Nordic) plus various channel tools,m O = D S V 1 G sv 5 V }uch as Mute and Polari! $ & m & 4 o 0ty reverse buttons, a monitor section and the following signal processing toolL / V h Y Vs:
HighPass and LowPass Filters, a singn p h ^ –le band dynamic EQ w– k d T k I $ Zith various filter types, useful to remove resonances or for de-esE O & W V a { ssing and a mZ j U !ono maker to narrow th| 5 ? C Se stereo image below a certain frequency.
On top of that, each skin VUMTC $ k w K ( a : h deluxe offers an addT ; . ~ ] ~itional contrastX u ) Q 5 2ing GUI for the VU itself.