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Onea R D 8 q y I ~ Note Becomes Many. Cthulhu is firstly a cK e j g F q yhord m) q a 2 U ; B % eemorizer and player] / – ( n G, allowing you toh v j L k R – I experiment with creatingz ~ d Y \ e y and reworking chord progressions with singl` c m A U _ ` p ;e-note presses. Included are over 150 factory chord presets allowing for a near-unlimited amoT v % 3 \ N 5 t `unt of possible musical-sounding chord progressions.

Chords Module

One Note Becomes Many. Cthulhu is firstly a chord memorizer and player, alw @ ! { $ 1 slowing you to exw / ( q ! %periment with crea, r )ting and reworking chord progression4 v a [ D q Is with single-note presses. Included are over 150 factory chov W B t = p \rd presets allowing3 F v q g i v – \ for a near-unlimited amount of possible music[ ] r z R O 9 x Kal-sour 9 4 7 pndingx s ; c \ K h chord progressions. Import MIDI or ‘recordi r 0 E o’ chords straight in, Cthun f o W P F @lhu is able to analyze the chords you play and allow for variu 4 1 Lous sorting options (Circle of 5t, 2 0 {hs, ChQ 7 8 Jromatic, low note, etc) allowing for easy accp r h e p I O jess over your chords!
Arp Module

Transform your chords in new ways. The other half of Cthulhu is a unique pattern-based arpeggiator, allowing incoming notes or chords to be manipulated in+ q H 4 I ~ j v/ ` K ; e = darious rhythmic ways. The 8 tabs of the stepsequencer allow you to cf 1 ] & A i 9ompletely reshape the incoming MIDI notes, even a single note fed into the arp caK ` LnD P ( , b$ ~ qecome a unique and rhythmic riff! Even if you have other arpeggio software plug-ins, Cthulhu’s arp is unique and powerful with ad2 b 9 M h I r C gvanced features such as chord-arpeggio mode` o ; – ` b z n, ties, duratic _ X | Kon / velocity sequencing, intelligenf a ( I H q 1 :t transpose, harmony, and more! Every tab of t7 4 rhe sequencer can operate on its own length, allowing for evolvt l Z % x Ling polymetric arp4 O J OegB M b c ? ) – S (gios. From simple to complex, from chaotic to creating precise arpeggio you imagine in your head!

Cthulhu for Windows
Version 1.21b7: improved file hZ H : R Vandling, misc sync fixes

Cthulhu for OS X
Version 1.216: Fixes an issue in 1.A ^ d H h , I 5215 where newly-created Arp prx ( b 0 %esets wo= 7 W B Q ]uf w A ; x ,ld not reload